To You Who Will Kill Me

Scarlett, the youngest of White Street, grew up like a flower plant in a greenhouse.

She was murdered by Noah Escford, the son of the lover whom her father brought.

But when she opened her eyes, time went back to before she was killed. 200 days before she was killed.

She was determined not to be killed for no reason in this life.

And she was pledging revenge on Noah Ashford.

‘Noah, trust you, no matter who you are from.’

I hate that you were born.

I hate your mother.

But I could have done this kind of acting for revenge.

Then one day, his eyes looking at her changed.

“Scarlett, I exist, you’re sick because of me… I’m sorry that love you.”

As soon as she checked the affection in his eyes, she had a cruel smile on my lips.

How dare you love me.

How dare you, me. You. I’ll kill you and go to hell. removed you with this hand, and I said, “I love you.”

I will live in the same hell as you.




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