To Rule in a Turbulent World

You Miao comes from immense wealth and is sent by his father to the capital to study and make friends with sons of nobility. He is handsome in appearance, smooth and likeable in personality, and certainly made friends with a band of profligate and degenerate nobles. From the hands of Li Yan, the son of the Chancellor, he purchases a Quanrong slave Li Zhifeng, mostly out of pity and curiosity. Yet unexpectedly, not only is this Quanrong slave loyal to a fault, he even saves You Miao’s life on the way back to his hometown.

It is only once he is home that You Miao discovers home is no longer the place he once knew.

His father has married another woman and made her the principal wife, and his status as the eldest principal son is forcibly dropped to second! He refuses to stay in this place that has long since become a cuckoo’s nest, so he can only bring Li Zhifeng with him to the estate his mother has left for him. Yet once there, he discovers it has been years since anyone’s managed the place, and the estate has fallen into a state of disrepair. The land all around has also become barren, and even his tenant farmers want to bid their farewells!

Can this lazy and ignorant young master, along with this Quanrong bed slave, kidnapped from beyond the wall, successfully run this grand estate?



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6 months ago
Luan Shi Wei Wang, 乱世为王
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Completed (75 chapters)
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Ch.18 (6 months ago)

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