The Villainness Has Entered The Doting Route

“Hi~yaaaaaaah!” I shrieked as I finally remembered. This world is the world of otome games that I used to play in my previous life. I was an arasa in my previous life and I remember fantasizing about living a mote-mote life if I were to be reincarnated. I don’t know if that’s why, because in this life, I’m an amazing beauty with purple hair and crimson eyes! Plus, I’m the daughter of a Marquis! Oh cheeks, did my wish come true? 

Wait, it can’t be! Speaking of the daughter of the Marquis, Luciana, isn’t she the villainess who was convicted for bullying the heroine?!

I’m done for. I’m doomed… And to think that I’m only 16? There’s still a year to go before my conviction. Alright, in the meantime, let me reconfigure my life and avoid that deadly event.

So, avoid the Sovereign Crown Prince, avoid the Duke’s heir, avoid the Prince of a neighboring country, avoid all handsome guys! But wait, why do everyone keep dropping by?

On top of that, I was only supposed to use lousy fire magic, but can use I wind magic that defies the laws of the world? Eh, I’m the legendary being mentioned in the Book of Beginnings?



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Ch.0 - Prologue (2 weeks ago)

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