The Male Lead Knelt Before Me

Ji So-eun possessed Lena, a supporting character in a novel.
After being possessed, a lot of people took my hand and knelt before me, causing a strange rumor to arouse because of that.

“You’ve caused a lot of men to kneel before your feet with your body, haven’t you?”

Yeah, I used my body to place them under my feet…

“I hear there’s no man who can’t fall down at once with your beckoning.”

That’s right, but the gesture you think of and the gesture of rumors have different meanings…

“When you smile, they can’t even make eye contact with you.”

That’s because they’re scared of me…

“You can use any means or methods. Make the Duke will fall for you.”

After believing the rumors, the Crown Prince offered me a deal to seduce the male protagonist.

The male lead will like the female lead anyway,

I decided to accept the deal…

But did something go wrong?

“Duke, desiring something is never a bad thing. Speak up if you do. However, if you don’t like someone, then back off. That’s all you have to do.”

“Is that so.”


“Then I dare ask. I want to hug you.”

…are you serious?




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