The Beast Who Hides Darkness Is Obsessed With Me

She tormented the female lead because of unrequited love for the male lead.

I am Bella Rita, the villainess who had her family taken away by the hands of the male lead.

The way to survive the death flags of the original novel is to live quietly!

So I said I would do a good deed, and I brought a puppy into my backyard to treat him.

But four years later on the first stage of the original novel, the dog I treated appeared again?

“It is against the law to tame it and then run away.”

He found the wrong person and is full of obsession and possessiveness.

“I have no intentions to be tamed by other women. You completely tamed me.”

The man who is going to destroy me and my family is begging me to tame him?

“I can’t have anyone else now. So take responsibility, Bella.”

Can I still run away? If I run away with all of my might, will I get caught?

“Think about it carefully. If you abandon me, there is a chance I might become crazy.”

“Or instead, should I bite the nape of your neck and run away? Huh? Should I, Bella?”




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