Secretly, Secretly; But Unable to Hide It

The time she is thirteen years old, Sang Zhi secretly has a crush with man.
 That man looks cold and sluggish, he can be described as someone that is careless and casual. He frequently comes to her house.

One afternoon, he stays at her Ge Ge’s (Older brother, 桑延) room to play game.
 Once in a while when he sees her come inside the room to bring a plate of fruits and snacks, he will smiles like an evildoer: “Kid, what are you doing? How can you blush so hard the time you seem me.”

This novel narrates the story of the young Sang Zhi and Duan Jia Xu. Sang Zhi gets to know Duan Jia Xu, who is seven years older than her, through her Ge Ge (Older brother, 桑延).

During their several interaction, Sang Zhi starts to develop crush on Duan Jia Xu. It happens from her young age till she is an adult. After the graduation, Duan Jia Xu goes home and works hard. They have cut down their contact.

Sang Zhi and Duan Jia Xu begin to contact each other again after Sang Zhi attends the university in the city he is in. In their day by day intimate and close interaction, Sang Zhi notices the source of Duan Jia Xu’s burdens. With Sang Zhi’s companion, Duan Jia Xu also starts to let it go, he starts to have new relationship with her.



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