Novoland: Mrs. Pearl Bead

During the Zheng dynasty, in the vast ocean surrounding Novoland, the search for a magical pearl, only obtainable from a young Naga girl ‘s tears, resulted in the slaughter of the Merfolk. That is how Hai Shi lost her parents, as well as the all the inhabitants of her coastal village. At a critical time in her life, Hai Shi meets Fang Zhu, the Imperial Court’s First Official, whose disciple she soon becomes.

As conflicts arise with neighbouring kingdoms, chaos descends upon the Imperial Court. Emperor Chu Zhong Xu appears to be a self-indulgent ruler, one who is incapable of maintaining order. But with Fang Zhu’s unfailing guidance and support, the nation experiences a newly-found time of peace.

Hai Shi becomes a personal guard to the emperor, quickly developing an interest in him, Misunderstandings arise between them, as the emperor is unaware that Hai Shi is in fact female. His feelings for her surface once he learns of her true identity.

A confused Hai Shi will have to come to terms with her own feelings towards the emperor as well as those long-held ones for Fang Zhu




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