Marked by a Tyrant After Transmigrating

Ye Shu transmigrated into the book he had just read and became the first cannon fodder minister who was brought down by the tyrannic male lead; by the death of a thousand cuts and the likes.
Ye Shu resolutely packed up and decided to abscond before this could happen. On the road, feeling that he had been poisoned, he accosted someone for help.

Who would have expected that he would wake up the next day with the tyrant smiling beside him. “Did you sleep well?”

Ye Shu, “……”
To save his life, Ye Shu was forced to enter the palace as a consort, and henceforth, lived a harsh life of being ordered and squeezed by the tyrant.
When the tyrant criticized the booklet1, he refilled his tea and ground more ink.

When the tyrant ate, he tested his dishes for hidden drugs.

When the tyrant retired for the night, he was even responsible for warming his bed.
It wasn’t until his belly started to grow that Ye Shu noticed that the book he had transmigrated into seemed to be a bit buggy……

This f*cking world was actually an ABO.

He hadn’t been poisoned before… That was his first differentiation into becoming a Kunjun!
Tyrant, “Qianjun’s request. It’s about time, my beloved consort……”

Ye Shu slammed the bedchamber’s door in front of the tyrant. “Heh, not a chance.”




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