Journey to Seek Past Reincarnations

I don’t know whether you’ve heard of this type of saying: To want to know of the previous life’s matters, look at this life. The end of later incarnations is due to the karma of previous incarnations. If you plant this karma, then no matter how many reincarnations pass, you will never be able to break away from this end. How can you dispel it then? There is perhaps no other alternatives as it is very difficult to dispel karma. However, our business, against expectations, will return to the time when you planted the karma, find the origin of the karma, and change it.

This business doesn’t accept money. What we only accept—-a drop of your tears.

Perhaps some people might say wouldn’t that require time travelling? How can this be accomplished? It’s precisely time travelling. It naturally can’t be accomplished by an average person. However, in regards to one person, it’s not a difficult matter. This person—–is my master, the owner of this teahouse.




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