Ever-Snow Company

“Himmapan, is it the kind of nuts that tastes very rich when chewed?”

Me… Rattiphat, an unemployed man, got dumped recently and woke up hangover… with a naked young man lying next to me. By some coincidence fate, I became an employee in the IT department at ‘ES Company.’ With wriggling monsters chasing after me, and a boss who can shoot power from his hand, and even more….

“Boss, are you telling me that all of my colleagues are some kind of Garuda and Naga?”

“That is correct.”

So, begin the journey from heaven to hell (literally) of an IT employee of the Himmapan company. Meanwhile, a certain trainee, ‘Geerana,’ keeps making my heart threaten to stop beating.

Boss, is it too late for me to resign right now!?




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