You’re saying peace, but you’re acting otherwise. Kumoko (Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?,).
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  • [Cover] Tabi ni Deyou, Horobiyuku Sekai no Hate Made
    Tabi ni Deyou, Horob...
    The story revolves around a boy and a girl who travel together through a world that is gradually nearing its end. A mysterious illness has emerged that erases the very existence of everyone who suffers from it. The story does, however, not focus on the tragic aspect of this fairly post-apocalyptic setting, but rather shows the people and events the two travelers come across during their journey.
    Yorozuya Tadahito
  • [Cover] Takamura-kun is Cursed
    Takamura-kun is Curs...
    A curse was cast on a girl called Takamura and on her 17th birthday she will turn into a boy. The only way to remove the curse, was to kiss her ouji-sama (lol). While thinking it’s absurd and an inconvenience to kiss the ouji but I don’t want to become a guy, I lived a somewhat peaceful school life. But for some reason, it became that the most popular guy in school・Sunohara Chiharu is consulting me regarding love matters. Even though I don’t have the time to support other people’s love, well, it’s okay as long as it doesn’t become troublesome. But when I went at it with such light feelings, I got more and more embroiled. It seems that Takamura-kun really is cursed.
  • [Cover] Takarakuji de 40-oku Atattandakedo Isekai ni Ijuu Suru
    Takarakuji de 40-oku...
    Kazura was selected as the winner on a lottery that he bought on a whim and received 4,000,000,000 (billion) yen. To evade the hyenas that smelled the scent of his money, Kazura took refuge on an old residence that had been handed down from generation to generation. When Kazura was investigating the place that would become his shelter, he stumbled on a certain room where it was possible to go into and back from another world. The Culture and Technology level of that world was relatively low. The protagonist sometimes brought goods, sometimes brought technological knowledge. At that world, he would find his true value as a person.
    Suzunoki Kuro
  • [Cover] Tales of Demons and Gods
    Tales of Demons and...
    Nie Li, the strongest Demon Spiritualist in his past life, stood at the pinnacle of the martial world. However, he lost his life during the battle with Sage Emperor and the six deity ranked beasts. His soul was then returned back in time to when he is still 13. Although he is the weakest in his class with the lowest talent of only a red soul realm, with the aid of the vast knowledge he had accumulated from his previous life, he shall train faster then anyone. This time he will try to protect Glory City which, in the coming future, would be assaulted by beasts and ends up being destroyed, as well as protecting his lover, friends and family who died by that beast assault. And to destroy the Sacred family whom abandoned their duty and betrayed Glory City in his past life.
    Mad Snail...
  • [Cover] Tales of Herding Gods
    Tales of Herding God...

    There’s an ancient saying in Great Ruins, ‘Don’t go outside when it’s dark.’

    In Great Ruins, the disabled elders of Disabled Elderly Village picked up an infant by the riverside and named him Qin Mu, raising him up with blood and sweat. This day, as the night descended and the darkness shrouded Great Ruins, Qin Mu left home…

    Become a villain undulating in the spring breeze!

    That’s what Blind told him.

    This is the rise of Qin Mu’s road to becoming a villain!

    Pig Nerd,Zai Zhu,宅...
  • [Cover] Tales of the Abyss
    Tales of the Abyss
    Yajima Sara
  • [Cover] Tales of the Reincarnated Lord
    Tales of the Reincar...
    After his consciousness transcended worlds and entered the body of an exiled noble youth, summons arrived for him ten years later to return and succeed the title of the Lord. Faced with a desolate dominion, uneducated common folk, treacherous nobles as well as the current Lord Duke, how will he cope and thrive?
  • [Cover] Tales of the Wickedly Vicious Underground Empire
    Tales of the Wickedl...
    It’s 5 years after the fall of the Magic Empire. The Holy Kingdom is now the one who leads the Union of several countries, While restraining the other powers, it neglected to keep peace. The people of Holy Kingdom dream of perpetual peace. But with the wealth taken from Magic Kingdom, the buying of all slaves from minor powers, along with pillaging, they indulge themselves in the territories they snatch. However… Unknown to them, there are forces that moves behind the darkness. These people, are mementos of a dead Empire. The prince and princess of the long gone country, a pair of siblings. Harva, the princess, is a weak but lovely and energetic little girl Alarc, the prince, is a handsome young man with beautiful and kind smile. “That day, is the unforgettable day for us right, brother?!” “Yeah.” The siblings escaped that day, the day when their loved country turned into a land of nightmare. The day when the white sacred walls turned into crimson-stained walls of blood and fire. And the day when they lost everything. The siblings trained themselves, endured pain and sadness, losing soul and sanity, selling their soul to the darkness and evils, and now… losing their former self, they create the foundation of what would be their last and dearest wish… ”To grant our wish (revenge)…, —we create the Wickedly Vicious Underground Empire” ….thus, starts the dark tale of revenge and retribution.
    Hideki Uryu
  • [Cover] Tales of Zestiria
    Tales of Zestiria
    Bandai Namco Games...
  • [Cover] Talisman Emperor
    Talisman Emperor
    Family destroyed, loved ones missing, marriage deed torn… The people of Song Yan City ridiculed him as a curse or jinxed but he won a million years ancient mythical Dong Fu inheritance! Since then learning rune system, refining physique, cultivating supreme kendo, Wu rule esoteri… With extraordinary courage and the unbelivable opportunity, in myths, charm demons sneak into the world, lastly embark on a endless journey towards pinnacle, and conquer the world
  • [Cover] Tasogareiro no Uta Tsukai
    Tasogareiro no Uta T...
    She always thinks that she doesn’t need others, so she led a solitary life, and she is happy with it. And that is why she decided to learn the Chanting Skills (Meieishiki), the skills on how to materialize one’s own “heart” and summon it. She believes if she learns the skill, she would become closer with him…, and to tell him something she wanted to say for so long. Keinez (red) – Ruguz (blue) – Surisuz (yellow) – Beorc (green) – Arzus (white) as the basic colours, and through a catalyst on same colour with the one she wants to summon, she has to glorify and then sing its name; they’re the Chanting Skills’ basic way to summon own “heart”. At a vocational school where these things are being taught, Kluele studies them, and a transfer student Neight, whose specialty is unorthodox Night Colour chanting skill, attracts her interest. Although Xins, a well known Rainbow User, is also searching a Night Colour user…
    SAZANE Kei
  • [Cover] Tatakau Shisho
    Tatakau Shisho
    “Kill Hamyuts Meseta” A story about a world where all dead people become “Books” and are housed in a Library. The boy named Colio Tonies had his memories taken and a bomb transplanted in his chest. His life’s purpose is killing the world’s strongest Armed Librarian, Hamyuts Meseta. But, one day he gets his hands on the “Book” of a beautiful princess and falls in love at first sight. Furthermore, that love will cause Colio to get involved in a grand scale battle…
  • [Cover] Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari
    Tate no Yuusha no Na...
    Naofumi Iwatani, an uncharismatic Otaku who spends his days on games and manga, suddenly finds himself summoned to a parallel universe! He discovers he is one of four heroes equipped with legendary weapons and tasked with saving the world from its prophesied destruction. As the Shield Hero, the weakest of the heroes, all is not as it seems. Naofumi is soon alone, penniless, and betrayed. With no one to turn to, and nowhere to run, he is left with only his shield. Now, Naofumi must rise to become the legendary Shield Hero and save the world!
    ANEKO Yusagi
  • [Cover] Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari (LN)
    Tate no Yuusha no Na...
    Naofumi Iwatani, an uncharismatic Otaku who spends his days on games and manga, suddenly finds himself summoned to a parallel universe! He discovers he is one of four heroes equipped with legendary weapons and tasked with saving the world from its prophesied destruction. As the Shield Hero, the weakest of the heroes, all is not as it seems. Naofumi is soon alone, penniless, and betrayed. With no one to turn to, and nowhere to run, he is left with only his shield. Now, Naofumi must rise to become the legendary Shield Hero and save the world!
  • [Cover] Tea of Summer
    Tea of Summer
    Xia Liang remembered the first time they met, she nodded to him but he coldly turned his eyes away. But after she had heard his voice, she helplessly became his diehard fan. Song Qiyan remembered the first time they met, she nodded to him but he tightly held his sweaty palms and turned his eyes away. He feared that she would be burned by his gaze. He thought that it was time to act after waiting for a year. In Xia Liang’s eyes, Song Qiyan was first known as “Bei Yan Dada” (TL note: 大大, “dada,” is web slang for “the great”). After she interacted with him, she had to add additional new labels: quiet, caring, stubborn, reserved……Then after they started dating: thoughtful, loyal, occasionally naïve, childish…… This is the story of a lesser internet CV (Character Voice-over) who meets a big idol in the professional voice over circle. This is a short, sweet story about a VA fan, voice acting, and the virtual world.
  • [Cover] Teacher, What is the Relationship Between X and Y?
    Teacher, What is the...

    Supplementary lesson teacher answers the students trivial questions. However, the weirdness of the answers were above the students’ expectation…

    Hence is a Short story of a Short conversation.

    Yamazaki Risa
  • [Cover] Teen Detective – Shroud of Mystery
    Teen Detective – Shr...
    A mysterious letter of invitation, triggering the mystery of birth. A well-known detective agency, the occurrence of countless mysteries. Solve cases, look for clues to the mysterious organization. Calm reasoning, to uncover the truth behind the mystery. All darkness, conspiracy, under his strict reasoning, will have no place to hide. All truth will eventually come to light!
  • [Cover] Tempered Immortal
    Tempered Immortal
    A young man with no spiritual roots. A person who is thought of as trash by others. He constantly acquires various items thought of as waste by the cultivation world. No matter if it is garbage pills or useless materials, he will take them all! Even if he doesn’t have talent, even if his strength is just average, he won’t give up! Who says the path to immortal is just about strength? Even a great immortal can be defeated with clever strategy!
    Magical Rain
  • [Cover] Tempest of the Battlefield
    Tempest of the Battl...

    Wang Tong couldn’t wait to live his college life – girls, parties, and the dorm life – everything he had ever dreamed of. But, instead of a letter of admission to the college, he had received a ticket to the planet Norton and a contract with the Confederation as a space settler. Soon after his arrival, the Zerg overran the planet and obliterated its defenses in a matter of moments. What awaited Tong on Norton was more than just an unbearable environment – its gravity alone was five-times stronger than earth – there were also swarms of bugs, constant hunger, thirst, and desolation…

    Venture into the Tempest of The Battlefield, unlock the secrets within the mysterious space crystals, and meet the legendary Blade Warriors and the potent sword combat tactic: “Ultimate Tactics of the Blade: 256 Genome Nuclear Force”.

    An honest and humble low-tier robot and a ghost with a mouth full of nonsense both teamed up with Wang Tong in a fight for survival against all odds.

    Skeleton Wizard,骷髅...
  • [Cover] Tempest of the Stellar War
    Tempest of the Stell...
    In a distant future, the empires of mankind span the galaxy, and glorious Earth has devolved into a peripheral backwater. In Shanjing city in the Asian region, Wang Zheng’s dreams of becoming a mech pilot are crushed when his college entrance exam genetic score turns out a pathetic twenty eight, barely above an animal. To make things worse, people get the impression he attempted suicide after being rejected by the campus beauty. Then the closest thing to a family he has, the old man in the book store across the road, goes missing, leaving him only a mysterious birthday present.
  • [Cover] Ten Gods
    Ten Gods

    In Ten Heavens Domain, full of respected powerhouses, juvenile Ling Tian accidentally obtained a mysterious iron sword. He refined the Supreme Martial Dao, studied the Divine Spirit Array Laws, fought Ten Thousand proud and arrogant Heavenly Clans, and was undefeated! Seven Feet Sword Tip sweeps away the world, within the Ten Heavens, I am the Supreme God Monarch!

  • [Cover] Ten Thousand Heaven Controlling Swords
    Ten Thousand Heaven...

    Synopsis by KobatoChanDaiSuki
    Chunryu walked forward, Hwayeon and Hyunhyun followed him from behind. Chunryu will become a Sword God and be exalted by every martial artist. Hwayeon who will become a female emperor who will receive the adoration of ten thousand civilians. Hyunhyun, the most talented woman the martial world has ever seen who will bring peace to the central China.

  • [Cover] Tenonaru Hou e
    Tenonaru Hou e

    Long, long ago, there was a nopperabou, a lonely youkai with no friends because he didn’t have a face. Hiding his “face” with a fox mask, he waits alone for someone to love him. Two hundred years later… Tatsumi, a blind man employed at an ordinary company one day feels a faint presence at his work place. Now his one and only joy is spending his lunch times with Kusamakura, the man he met by fate when he picked up his fox mask that day. Even though he has an old fashioned way of speaking, and seems like he escaped from an ukiyo-e print, he faces Tatsumi with a straight-forward honesty, and eventually love blooms. At that moment, mysterious things start to occur around Tatsumi……!?

    Kuriki Shinobu
  • [Cover] Tens of Thousands Worlds of Martial God
    Tens of Thousands Wo...

    Cheng Feng, an ordinary young man. He isn’t genius, however, his elder sister has a unique body, Nine Linglong Body.

    One day, his brother in law awakes an eight order martial spirit and become a peerless genius in Hidden Dragon Academy. In another side, he can reach that step because of receiving the help of Cheng Feng’s elder sister.

    When Cheng Clan’s people think that their clan will rise and advance to a higher status, but this is the beginning calamity of Cheng Clan. Their talented son in law writes off the marriage,

    Cheng Clan Patriarch dies…


    His elder sister commits suicide…

    After Cheng Feng sees the calamity of Cheng Clan, his heart is wrath, he only wants to revenge to the people who cause his clan fall to this step.

    ” I will take revenge to the people who make…”

    But he doesn’t have the strength to do it until he hears a mysterious voice…

    Book Madman,书狂人