A human becomes the strongest just before death Yu Ilhan (Everyone Else is a Returnee, Ch. 41).
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  • [Cover] Pain, Pain, Go Away
    Pain, Pain, Go Away
    Pain, Pain, Go Away is a novel by Sugaru Miaki, also known as Fafoo, author of Starting Over and Three Days of Happiness. Unlike Miaki’s previous two books, Pain, Pain, Go Away is not a rewrite of any story posted to 2ch, but an entirely original one. The plot involves a young man who becomes a killer – but his victim has the power of “postponement,” temporarily delaying her death.
    Sugaru Miaki
  • [Cover] Painting of the Nine Immortals
    Painting of the Nine...

    Untolerated by heaven, a boy was restricted by the most powerful spell.

    He accidentally acquired a painting inhabited by nine souls that claimed to be immortal.

    Then, the legend of a strong young man who violated heavenly principles against the course of nature began.

    Autumn Morning
  • [Cover] Paladin of the End
    Paladin of the End
    A town ruined because of deaths. A child and three undead exist there. The three undead who used to be heroes raised the young boy, Will. Giving him skills, giving him knowledge, pouring all their love into him, the young man was raised that way. He was told about the mystery embraced by the undead, about this hidden town of death. After learning all this, this youth started to walk on the path of the paladin.
  • [Cover] Pandora Hearts
    Pandora Hearts
    In this first ever novelization based on the work of The New York Times-bestselling mangaka Jun Mochizuki, the elaborate, charming, and bittersweet world of Pandora Hearts is woven into short stories that peer into the houses of the four great dukedoms and reveal yet more facets to the series’ beloved characters. Making each volume of this series even more special are the manga shorts drawn specially for the novelization by Jun Mochizuki herself!
    Wakamiya Shinobu
  • [Cover] Panties Reincarnation. I’m a Pair of Panties, so What?
    Panties Reincarnatio...
    While playing a mobile game the main character is hit by a shooting star and reincarnated into another world. He finds that the star granted the wish he made, but not in the way he intended.
  • [Cover] Papa no Iu Koto o Kikinasai!
    Papa no Iu Koto o Ki...
    19-year Segawa Yuuta was looking forward to start his new university life and go through a normal university life, making new friends, etc, etc. But suddenly, when the plane which his elder sister and brother-in-law were on went missing, he became the ‘father’ of his three young nieces! Now, his six-tatami mat apartment not just has to accommodate himself, but 14-year old Sora, 10-year old Miu, and 3-year old Hina. What will be the fate of Yuuta?
    Matsu Tomohiro
  • [Cover] Paradise of Demons and Gods
    Paradise of Demons a...

    “Obtaining the topmost degree of talent in sword arts in the world requires giving up 72 years of lifespan, which leaves you with only five more years of your life. At the same time, you will never be able to feel love, kinship, and friendship, and you’ll end up leading a lonely life until your death, unable to procreate, or to have any descendants.

    “From now onwards, everything related to happiness in the human world shall no longer be of your concern. Are you willing to accept this?”

    “Hahahaha, I’m already alone bereft of all support, my hopes dashed to pieces, shouldering only absolutely irreconcilable grudge and hatred, why would I disagree? Why would I not want it? I couldn’t ask for anything better!!”

    His sword sweeps across the Divine Continent for seven days and nights, moving 90,000 miles through the starry skies, unhindered.

    He slays saints and buddhas in Heaven, slaughters demons and devils in Hell, sweeping away all the grievances in his heart.

    Bear Wolfdog,熊狼狗
  • [Cover] Parallel World Pharmacy
    Parallel World Pharm...
    A young pharmacologist and researcher in Japan died from overworking, and was reincarnated in a Medieval Parallel Europe. He was reincarnated as a 10 year old apprentice to a famous Royal Court pharmacist, had attained an inhuman skills of ability to see through disease, material creation, and material destruction. In a society in which dubious medical practice are rampant, price gouging thru the monopoly of the pharmacist guild, and good medicine aren’t available to the commoners. He was recognized by the Emperor at that time and opened a Pharmacy at the corner of the town. He will wipe out the fraud that has swept the world, and deliver to the commoners a truly effective medicine that was developed using present day pharmacology. Thus the boy pharmacist will cheat by using his previous knowledge to create innovative medicines while helping the people of the parallel world, a story about living his new life to the fullest this time.
    Takayama Liz
  • [Cover] Parameter Remote Controller
    Parameter Remote Con...
    It basically about a boy obtaining the power to manipulate affection, which he used on any girl he likes. Its very easy to use like changing the parameters of a character in a game. He was literally able to whatever he please to the girls. He could indulge himself in the bodies of beautiful female classmates, beautiful female teacher, milfs, lolis, sister-in-law and mother-in-law. Before long his ability evolve further. The protagonist is a complete badass(natural bastard)
    Everyday Life of Ros...
  • [Cover] Paranormal World (The Semi-Physical World)
    Paranormal World (Th...

    There are many things in this world that we have yet to discover. However, what we never encounter doesn’t mean it never existed. Most of the time, legends are not just mere legends, and traditions that lasted for generations has its untold cause.

    9Goblin 6Titan,妖九...
  • [Cover] Parasite in Love
    Parasite in Love

    The story is about a man whose compulsive tendencies make it impossible for him to keep a job, and a young girl who skips school and loves insects. The two meet, come to support each other in reintegrating into society, and fall in love. There’s a problem, however: namely, the parasites in their heads.

    Sugaru Miaki
  • [Cover] Part-time Soccer
    Part-time Soccer

    Chenlong loved soccer since he was small. His ball techniques were originally very skilled and he even entered the Inter youth team. His talent was no worse that Balotelli, and that year, he even got pointers from Ronaldo when he was playing soccer in the Inter…

    But under coincidences, he ate a strange candy. At the end, he gained a strange damaging ability, Star Tear.

    The strange Star Tear could directly duplicate the famous stunts of sport stars! But at the same time, Chenlong’s could only use his physical strength for 5 minutes. At the end, he was kicked out by the Inter and he roamed around league tournaments in his spare time…

    The him that could have originally became a soccer superstar could only start from playing soccer part-time…

    Diao Dao Tian Shang...
  • [Cover] Passion Heaven
    Passion Heaven

    Shu Ya-wang is a 28-yr-old landscape architect who is born into a military family. When she was 16 years old, Yawang’s father asked her to take care of 10-yr-old Xia Shu.

    Xia Shu had experienced death during his childhood. He stayed by the body of his dead mother for the whole night. This caused Xia Shu to become withdrawn (emotionally/mentally?) from the rest of the world. Over time, the warm-hearted Ya-wang slowly got through to Xia Shu.

    Ya-wang’s childhood good friend Tang Xiao-tian got enlisted into the army after high school, and she later at the university got to know Qu Wei-ran a classmate who eventually turned into a foe. From then on, the lives of Ya-wang, Xia Shu and Tang Xiao-tian, three of them changed dramatically.

    Zi Yue,籽月
  • [Cover] Path to Heaven
    Path to Heaven
    Wei Suo, a low level cultivator from the Spirit Peak City was scammed in a transaction. He ended up purchasing a damaged low level magical treasure. However, this worthless damaged magical treasure had an artifact spirit that already lived for several tens of thousands of years… On top of that, compared to several tens of thousands of years ago, many of the rare and sparse things were abundant now. The first thing Wei Suo discovered was that the materials used to make a Fire Talisman that was worth half a Low Quality Spiritual Stone were extremely abundant now.
  • [Cover] Peach Passion
    Peach Passion
    Embarrassing!  She wanted to curse.  He’s a stalker! Now, what is he up to?! Remembering the “wolf” on the train, Xiang Ti was so ashamed.  She just wanted to dig a hole and hide! Admittedly, this man was the most outstanding and attractive she’d ever encountered. But her plan in life did not include marriage.  She wants to focus on a career and live life like the modern woman. Her whole image exuded the “don’t offend me” message, however — This man did not heed the warning and pursued her persistently! Although there were not many suitors before her “stalker”, but she was still dissatisfied with this “wolf”. Even if he used his eyes to worship her, and generously praised her beauty, she is not happy! Because she didn’t want to fall in love with any man. But when he smiles, why can’t she stop thinking about him?! Why is this happening, when she is never one to be seduced by the “male beauty” before?! But he’s proven to be a sly fox.  How is she supposed to resist?!
  • [Cover] Peach Pit Landlord
    Peach Pit Landlord
    Li Yuan was struggling at the bottom of society, however out of the blue a peach pit appeared. He did not know that at that moment, the peach pit will completely transform his life. With this peach pit, Li Yuan not only strengthened his body, but also changed normal crops to rare highest quality items. Henceforth Li Yuan started to manage a farm, established a ranch and bought a fishing ground. Not only did he become the number one crop supplier, but also possessed a land to govern, making him a genuine landlord. He had leisure time to enjoy beautiful landscapes, pleasantly touring the mysterious world, tasting top-notch culinary cuisine, effortlessly chatting with females, this beautiful life is no longer a dream!
  • [Cover] Peerless Battle Spirit
    Peerless Battle Spir...

    Qin Nan, the young master of the Qin Clan, was known as Linshui City’s number one genius. However, his life abruptly turned upside down when his innate talent was deemed a waste. Follow Qin Nan as he battles through betrayals and disdain of others, meeting arrogant young masters, and defying the expectations of those under the heavens!

    Supreme Villain,极品...
  • [Cover] Peerless Demonic Lord
    Peerless Demonic Lor...
    Down and out influential family disciple, Qin Shi. To wash away his humiliation, he did not hesitate to fall into the path of a demon. Abandoning his body and turning into a demon, he slaughters all immortal gods. To see, in this world where Immortals and Demons strives. A young fellow’s whose nature was good, in search for justice, sought the demon’s dao. In the end becoming a generation of Heavenly Demon Emperor. ‘Although I do not like to massacre, I also do not dislike massacre.’ Exclaimed Qin Shi.
  • [Cover] Peerless Martial God
    Peerless Martial God
    Do not judge others in ignorance within my presence. Those who think to harm someone should be ready to be harmed. Those who are open and respectful shall receive my kindness and respect. Those who plot against me are seeking their own death. This is true, for I am death… I am Lin Feng. ============================== Lin Feng tried to be the diligent and hard-working good guy. He Studied hard, did his best to make his family proud and not get into trouble, but when he saw a girl being taken advantage of, he had to intervene. He had been tricked, sentenced to 10 years in jail and framed for a crime he never committed, all was lost. If his life was over he would take those who ruined his life with him… Suddenly he opens his eyes again. He is not dead, but alive in the body of the Lin Feng of a different world. This Lin Feng had been killed as trash of cultivation. This world where the strong had no regard for human life and would kill freely if they had the strength. Called ‘trash’ and thrown away, with vengeance in his heart he will rise to new heights opposing the will of heaven and earth.
    Jing Wu Hen...
  • [Cover] Pen Down A Marriage
    Pen Down A Marriage

    what happens when you run really low on luck and get intimately entangled with a perfect on the outside and ruthless on the inside man? Well, sparks fly but not the kind you imagine in cute fluffy love stories.

    Already an orphan, Xia Xi Jin has been struggling through these past years to make a bare minimum living. She is a struggling writer who seems to have a careless attitude towards life and a dirty appearance. However, after a one-night stand with President Xi Mu Tian everything changes.

    Being forced into a marriage Xi Jin tries to adapt to her new life, new friends and begins to unravel the mysteries of her past and that of her husband. Can love bloom in this penned down marriage of convenience. Read to know!

  • [Cover] Perfect Feast
    Perfect Feast

    Liu Yang, a grassroot cadre of Chinese bureaucracy, by sheer coincidence entered the bed of a beautiful boss and thus starts the colorful stellar journey of our hero. He accompanies charming police women, exquisite nurses, graceful flight hostess, ripe female colleagues, mature female bosses, ingenious female managers and singer sisters to karaoke house under the shocked eyes of people. This story is full of handsome men, witty women, beautiful emotions, thrilling official situations and logical offense. To find out how Liu Yang has made this perfect feast possible, let’s go on this journey together.

    Deep Sea Swim Dragon...
  • [Cover] Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet
    Perfect Secret Love:...

    “This guy, how heavy is his taste, he’s still able to eat?” Waking up, she looked at her reflection in the mirror, explosive hair, tattoos, and a demon-like face. Look at her for more than a second and you’ll have spicy eyes (your eyes will bleed-aka she looks really ugly).

    Before her rebirth, she was in love with someone else, bent on escaping, and after having relations with him, hates him deep to his bones.

    After her rebirth, she looked at the beauty on the bed, seriously thinking, the one who left his shadow in the past, seemingly should be him?

    In her past life, her mind was muddled. She tried to get rid of the outstandingly beautiful husband that she didn’t want, was victimized by slag men and cheap women, and her most trusted friend brainwashed her. In the end, she found people rebelling and friends deserting (isolated and alone).

    In this lifetime, all of the evil people scheming and longing for her divorce should yield. Sorry but this young miss’s IQ is on the line!

    Jiong Jiong You Yao,...
  • [Cover] Perfect Sex
    Perfect Sex

    I obtained a wristwatch called 【Perfect Sex】 accidentally through an online auction. This watch was one of it kind in this world, it can freely regulate the size of the erection or ejaculation time, with 〈Aphrodisiac radio wave〉 applied, it was a machine which can make woman like the situation then and there. I make full use of 【Perfect Sex】, one by one beauties start rolling in, company sale performance rise through the roof.

    Keisuke Hasumi,蓮見...
  • [Cover] Perfect Superstar
    Perfect Superstar
    Lu had a dream, a very very long dream. The dream world was unfamiliar yet at the same time familiar. Singer, actress, freelance writer, he actually went through three sections of different lives in a dream in a dream world! When he wakes up, Lu Chen thus embarked on a bright road of becoming a perfect superstar!