... Games are only fun when they’re enjoyed as games. It’s like how racing games are fun, but the morning commutes feel like trash. Yu Ilhan (Everyone Else is a Returnee, Ch. 320).
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  • [Cover] Obaachan (28) is Free
    Obaachan (28) is Fre...

    I, who got summoned to a different world, Umeki Satoko (28).

    There was a prince-like person, but he talked only with another person that was summoned with me and ignored me.

    What to do…… while having such thoughts, the prince-like person noticed me and laughed at me scornfully.

    「Withdraw, you freebie old hag」

    I was kicked with such thoughtless words and I snapped.

    At that moment, a scream resounded.

    All of sudden, the prince-like person aged.

    Then I noticed.

    Huh, I…… have become a granny!?

    Wait a moment! I’m only 28, you know!?

    Nanase Mio
  • [Cover] Observation Record of a Self-proclaimed Villainess’ Fiance
    Observation Record o...
    My fiance, Bertia is a bit different. On our first meeting, she proclaimed herself a villainess, a reincarnator, and that in order to become a splendid flower of evil, beautiful without question, she’s devoting herself each day. I don’t get it. It’s because I don’t that she entertains me. And so, I think I’ll observe her a little. The story of a high spec prince who passed through the world in easy mode, observes his fiance, the self proclaimed villainess (a deplorable system 残念系?), snatching flags from the side and breaking them with a snap.
  • [Cover] Occupation: Adventurer; Race: Various
    Occupation: Adventur...
    Game loving high school student Sosuke is killed during a convenience store robbery. He wakes up in a totally different world. Sosuke grows up in the new world, but one day when he takes a look at his status, there was an unexpected race change. What will Sousuke who obtained a race change do? Nobody knows.
  • [Cover] Ochita Kuroi Yuusha no Densetsu
    Ochita Kuroi Yuusha...
    Based on Sion Astal’s points of view, this tells the story during Ryner’s exile and how Sion fight against the King of Roland to gain the throne.
    Kagami Takaya
  • [Cover] Ochitekita Ryuuou to Horobiyuku Majo no Kuni
    Ochitekita Ryuuou to...
    In a world where witches are shunned and have been forced onto the brink of annihilation, a samurai with no memories is transported to the hideout of some of these witches. Having the name: “Dragon King” and a keen strategic mind, its up to him to help defend the witches from those that would seek them harm.
    Maisaka Kou
  • [Cover] Oda Nobuna no Yabou
    Oda Nobuna no Yabou
    Suddenly finding himself in the Sengoku era, regular high school student Sagara Yoshiharu is about to be killed in the battlefield. He is saved by none other than the man who later becomes the infamous Toyotomi Hideyoshi but at a cost to his life. With history completely changed because of Yoshiharu’s actions, he tries to make things right again but it seems that history is taking a different course than the one he learned in school. Oda Nobunaga is now a brilliant but young girl named Oda Nobuna. Yoshiharu starts working under her command to bring back history to its correct course and find his way back home to the present world.
    Kasuga Mikage
  • [Cover] Oda Nobuna no Yabou Gaiden – Jakigan Ryuu Masamune
    Oda Nobuna no Yabou...
    A side story of Oda Nobuna no Yabou which focuses on Bontenmaru, the Daimyo of Oushu and the future Masamune Date. She is a companion and bodyguard of Louise Frois and an ally of the Oda Clan. Possessing heterochromia, she also has a case of chuunibyou (8th grader adolescent delusions), believing her red eye has special powers which is hidden under an eyepatch. Like Nobuna, she also has an estranged relationship with her mother.
    Kasuga Mikage
  • [Cover] Oda Nobunaga to Iu Nazo no Shokugyo ga Mahou Kenshi yori Cheat Dattanode, Oukoku wo Tsukuru Koto ni Shimashita
    Oda Nobunaga to Iu N...

    The young Alsrod (Arusuroddo), is eagerly waiting for the day that he’s granted a “job” in the temple. In this world when one reaches adulthood, they are granted “jobs” like swordsman or magician by divine revelation, among them the one said to be the strongest is magic swordsman.

    Alsrod is the illegitimate second son of a small feudal lord, and the seat is already succeded by his elder brother who already put him in the front lines, he’s in a position that could lose his life on the battlefield any day. If he became a magic swordman, a job that was possesed by the famous heroes of the past, he could change his situation.

    However the job that’s granted to Alsrod is not magic swordman nor any of the other common jobs, it was a mysterious job called “Oda Nobunaga” that none of the temple’s people knew anything about.

    However, this job makes one’s battle power become the top-level in the battlefield, gives administration capabilities that allow to turn a small city into a big commercial city and it also elevates the leadership of the troops, becoming a Maou capable of building a country!

    Before long, Alsrod defeats his elder brother and becomes the feudal lord. Furthermore, he prepares himself to become a king and build his own country, considering it to be the shortest route to protect the important persons in his life and his people.

  • [Cover] Official Savior
    Official Savior

    Arriving in a xianxia world for multi-level marketing; online gaming to sell fake drugs; roaming a Power City, moving to and fro on the brink of death; and visiting the mysterious western continent to be a ‘black’ guide. I am not a scammer, I am the savior of the world!

  • [Cover] Oh My Ice Goddess
    Oh My Ice Goddess
    She’s cold. Expressionless. Scary. An ice. They said no one’s on par with her. They said she’s notorious and vicious. Nobody can withstand her coldness. But they don’t really know her well to say those things. She’s actually strong. She cares for her comrades. She has a sense of justice. She’ll do anything to protect her loved ones. She might be nobody for the others. But she’s somebody to us. For she, is our Ice Goddess.
  • [Cover] Oh no! After I Reincarnated, My Moms Became Son-cons!
    Oh no! After I Reinc...

    One day, I fell into the river and drowned.

    The God of River looked at me, and said: “You’re very brave, young one, so let me give you a mother as a reward. Would you like a golden-haired big-breasted elf mother with an extreme yandere personality, or a black-haired big-breasted sadistic human mother with a tsundere personality?”

    Me: “I choose… your mom, dammit! What I really want is to quickly reincarnate!!”

    The God of River smiled at me: “You are a honest lad indeed, so let me gift you both mothers. From now on, you will have two mothers!”

    Me: “Did you even listen to what I said?!”

  • [Cover] Ojamajo Doremi 16
    Ojamajo Doremi 16
    Doremi Harukaze is in her 1st year of high school now! Doremi is very excited to meet her friends from elementary school, but Onpu Segawa is nowhere to be seen… While on the road back, memories come flooding back, but why is the MAHO Dou still standing!?
    Midori Kiriyama
  • [Cover] Okoborehime to Entaku no Kishi
    Okoborehime to Entak...
    Leticia’s father, the current king, is very wise and knew that both of his older sons have their own supporters, and that if either one became king, the other brother’s supporters would rebel—throwing the country into a civil war. To prevent this, the king decided to announce that he will retire while he’s still alive and make his daughter, the princess, his successor! However, the princess doesn’t have any political allies. So she decides to gather a group of knights loyal to her and form her own “round table” before the day of her coronation. The only problem is all of the good knights who are strong and skillful and loyal have already been snatched up by her father and brothers for their own personal guards… (Adapted to a manga, also being translated by AQUA Scans.)
    Ishida Rinne
  • [Cover] Omae Mitai na Hiroin ga Ite Tamaruka!
    Omae Mitai na Hiroin...
    Once an OL (Office Lady) around 30 and born with memories of her past life, when Tsubaki was around 4 years old, from the words of her half-sister who she also thought held memories of her past life, she recalled that this world was from an otome game. In the game, the half-sister born from a lover was the heroine, and she was the villainess noble girl who tormented her. Furthermore, the END always concluded with a suicide. But in this world, there were a lot of differences in the setting. Thinking that she might be able to save her mother who commits suicide, it’s a story where she does her best in protecting her mother and the main capture target character, her cousin from her half-sister’s devil like clutches.
  • [Cover] Omae o Otaku ni Shiteyaru kara, Ore o Riajuu ni Shitekure!
    Omae o Otaku ni Shit...
    Kashiwada Naoki was determined to lead his high school life without anyone knowing that he’s an Otaku. However, his classmate Bishoujo, Koigasaki Momo, who was rumored among the girls to be a bitch, found out about his secret!? Before the despairing Kashiwada, she said something undoubtedly surprising. “Aren’t you an Otaku? Then, make me into an Otaku!” The love story of two individuals bounded by an agreement of Otaku and Riajuu starts!!
    Murakami Rin
  • [Cover] Omae wo Onii-chan ni Shite Yarouka!?
    Omae wo Onii-chan ni...
    One day, Yoichi who grew up while not knowing his parents has received the news of his father’s death. His father left behind a testament——which said he is to pick only one out of five ‘little sister candidates’?! “…I don’t want to work, I want to laze around together with Onii-chan.” (By Serene) “Let’s have a match! If I win, Nii-chan will… make me his little sister!” (By Tomomi) “Onii-sama will choose me, isn’t that right? It’s our destiny.” (By Sayuri) “To be more girly, that’s why I want to be Nii-san’s little sister!” (By Yuuki) “If Mii-chan becomes Nii-chama’s little sister, she will become rich right?” (By Mika) The little sisters who were presented to him had more than one or two odd quirks, a slapstick comedy between siblings starts here!
  • [Cover] Omni Genius
    Omni Genius
    Author’s Synopsis: Being able to learn any skill immediately, and just by raising its proficiency, he can stand at the summit. He is the World Chef Association Honorary Chairman, having the title of the World Chef God. He is the greatest composer, pianist, and conductor after Beethoven and Mozart. He also has the title of Underground Racing King, Fist King, Gambling King, Giant of the Stock Exchange Market, Arm of the Industries and King of the Skies. He who has a miraculous learning ability and can stand at the apex of all things if he wishes for it, the Omni Genius. Translator’s Synopsis: Story of Qin Fang learning everything and standing at the top. Synopsis is subject to change as story progress.
  • [Cover] Omni-Magician
    “Magic, can be activated like a computer program in this world!” Top hacker Ye Chui astonishingly discovered after being reborn in another world. Mastering the programming language allows you to develop all sorts of programs and so mastering the magic language allows you to release all sorts of spells! With his experience and intuition as the top hacker, he shall be omnipotent! Specialist Realm? Divine Realm? Profound Realm? These are nothing! Water, Fire, Lightning, Wind, Earth, Spatial, Dark, Light. With all kinds of magic elements at his disposal, he is the Omni-Magician unprecedented in history!
  • [Cover] Omnia wo Suberumono
    Omnia wo Suberumono
    Misono Hinata and his childhood friend Ayakawa Suzuri had been living together for the past seven years. At long last, their life of sweet romance finally began now that Suzuri confessed her feelings. However, the sudden arrival of a girl named Satsuki, allegedly Hinata’s cousin, resulted in a life of cohabitation for three. Despite having his hands full dealing with Satsuki’s superpower, Hinata still continued to enjoy his romantic everyday life with Suzuri. Nevertheless, they were unfortunately caught up in the Misono head family’s troubles–!? The author’s debut work, winner of the 8th Annual Newcomer’s Prize, a story of super sweet romance crossed with superpowered battle action, hereby officially commences!
    Miduki Satori
  • [Cover] Omnipotent Sage
    Omnipotent Sage

    Invincible fists, unrivaled hammers!

    Junior Leopard, who traveled through time and space, takes what he earns and does only what he needs to do, never undertaking too much responsibility nor being so chivalrous as to do every good deed. His so-called ambitions from his past life to change the world were cast aside.

    However, when a forbidden bloodline awakens in his body and his eternal eyes begin to shine once again, he discovers that his iron fists give him the power to force others to follow the truth and to reforge justice!

    This is a cultivation legend about a modern man that was thrust into an amazing martial arts world.

    Snake Swallows Whale...
  • [Cover] On the Way Home I Got a Bride and Twin Daughters, Who Were Dragons
    On the Way Home I Go...

    Thanks to my old man doing his best, despite it being on a two-generation housing loan [TL/N: Payment is split between parent and child due to high property prices], I was able to get my very own single-family house! As I went shopping on the evening of the day I moved in on my younger brother’s request, I was asked for help by a lovely blue-haired girl. Told it was a kidnapping, I took out the perpetrator with a lariat, and what appeared were actually two large eggs. As soon as I touched them, they split and two baby girls appeared!

    At that moment, the blue-haired girl called out, “You’re the dad!”

    Fukakutei Waon
  • [Cover] Onani Master Kurosawa – After the Juvenile
    Onani Master Kurosaw...
    Takes place two years after the school trip they took in middle school.
    Ise Katsura
  • [Cover] Once Promised
    Once Promised
    In ancient times, a time where heroes are born. God, Man, Demon and all things on earth were mixed in between Heaven and Earth. There were three great god tribes: the Central Sheng Nong, the Southeast Gao Xing, the Northwest Xuan Yuan, they occupied three parts of the land, three independent empires. The heroes the world paid the most attention was undoubtedly the Sheng Nong Tribe’s War God Chen You and the Gao Xing Tribe’s Prince Shao Hao. Chen You was the Beast King brought under control by Shen Nong’s Yan Emperor many hundred years ago, cruel and honest, cunning and pure, his powers? He has never lost a battle. He has no rules in his heart, only revenge, his one goal is to use his powers to take over every single thing on earth, in one united empire. But fate makes fools of men, in his bid to cement his empire, he met the princess of the Xuan Yuan tribe, at first a misunderstanding, but very quickly they fell deeply in love. Under the Peach Blossom Tree, Chen You made her a promise of love, he will give up everything, and stay by her side for the rest of their lives.
    Tong Hua
  • [Cover] Once We Come Across Love
    Once We Come Across...
    The female lead is called Xiao Tu (Bunny) and the male lead is called Ling Cao (Super). They are neighbours who were born a month apart, grew up, went to school and graduated together. Tutu is a cute and good girl but not smart yet not stupid. She is good at martial arts so the guys are scared of her. Whereas Ling Cao is smart and cool but stuffy & quiet. He is the brainy type who excels in his study. Tutu’s mother wishes her daughter to grow up and marry Ling Cao but her dad thinks otherwise. He has been supporting Tutu to get to know other boys.