Aren't I super-strong? Kumoko (Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?,).
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  • [Cover] Nagabumi

    A no-name Master who had resigned from the world of martial arts was 100 years old. That old master had forgotten the enemies whom he had been killed, even now their relatives or disciples were plotting revenge on him. Even some big nations offered a big reward for his head. The old master knew his death was near, but before he met his end, he wanted to write his story, to reveal the secrets that were hidden.

    Nagabumi, a story of common people who saw the world of martial arts as fable and legends, about martial artists who became exiled from common life, because it was his goal to reach the wisdom of the dragon.

    Nagabumi is a drama among the martial artists, fights with deadly fighting styles and jutsu, politics and scheme of kingdoms, clashes between great philosophers from Nagasena to Nagarjuna, and heart-pounding romance of the VIII-IX centuries.

    Seno Gumira Ajidarma
  • [Cover] Nagai Koto
    Nagai Koto

    I was a delinquent that died when an accident occurred on a school trip. When I realized it I was the growing son of a farmer in another world. In this world where demons and demi-humans were in the middle of a war, I didn’t have some ability that made me a hero nor did I have magical powers. I didn’t know anything useful.

    Then, why was I reincarnated?

    Wait a second, when I reincarnated, was the girl who was my classmate that was riding on the same bus also reincarnated in this world? Alright, I’ve decided! I’ll reunite with that girl, and reach her with the feelings I couldn’t express in my previous life.

    Anikkey Brother,アニ...
  • [Cover] Nanatsuiro Drops
    Nanatsuiro Drops
    Based on the Eroge by UNiSONSHIFT. There are two primary worlds within the story of Nanatsuiro ★ Drops: the human world called Retroscena, and a magical world called Figurare from which the Stellar Spinners originate. There are currently two schools that teach magic within Figurare: Prima Pramu and Prima Asparas. According to Natsume, each year the two schools pick their top Stellar Spinners to send to the human world to capture seven stardrops in a goodwill competition to improve relations
    Ichikawa Tamaki
  • [Cover] Nareru! SE
    Nareru! SE
    Reaching the end of his college years, trying to find a job, Sakurazaka Kouhei was reaching the end of his rope. Months were dragging by, with no job offers in sight. If he didn’t find something soon, he would have to go home and take over the family business. Then he spotted it. Suruga Systems Corporation, a small data processing company. On their job-wanted posting: “You seek possibilities you cannot see yet…” Accepted at once for the job, little did he know what he was getting into…
    Natsumi Kohji
  • [Cover] Naruto Hiden
    Naruto Hiden
    Naruto Hiden (NARUTO -ナルト- 秘伝, Literally meaning: Naruto Secret Chronicles) is a light novel series which explores the stories of various characters after the conclusion of the original manga. Though each book is illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto, they are written by different authors. It’s also a part of the Naruto Project. VIZ Media will start releasing English translations of the novels in November of 2015. The Naruto Hiden series is followed by the Naruto Shinden series, which will begin publication in fall of 2015. Novels: 1. Kakashi Hiden – Lightning in the Icy Sky 2. Shikamaru Hiden – A Cloud Drifting in Silent Darkness‎ 3. Sakura Hiden – Thoughts of Love, Riding Upon a Spring Breeze 4. Konoha Hiden – The Perfect Day for a Wedding 5. Gaara Hiden – A Sandstorm Mirage 6. Akatsuki Hiden – Evil Flowers in Full Bloom
    Higashiyama Akira...
  • [Cover] Naruto Jinraiden – The Day the Wolf Howled
    Naruto Jinraiden – T...

    An original Naruto story written by Akira Higashiyama and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. It follows Sasuke and is set shortly after his fight with Itachi, but before he awakens his Mangekyō Sharingan.

    Akira Higashiyam
  • [Cover] Naruto Shinden
    Naruto Shinden

    This series consists of two installments. Itachi Shinden deals with Itachi’s childhood as a shinobi of the Uchiha clan, his relationship to Shisui Uchiha and finally the downfall of his clan and how Itachi joined Akatsuki. Sasuke Shinden takes place after Akatsuki Hiden: Evil Flowers in Full Bloom and is about Sasuke’s travels to find out more about Kaguya Ōtsutsuki.

    Itachi Shinden consists of two novels: The first, Book of Bright Light (光明篇, Kōmyō-hen) was released on September 4, 2015 and the second novel, Book of Dark Night (暗夜篇, An’ya-hen) was released on October 2, 2015. These novels were adapted into an anime series, Itachi Shinden Book: Light and Darkness in early 2016.

    Sasuke Shinden consists of only one novel, the Book of Sunrise (来光篇, Raikō-hen) which was released on November 4, 2015.

    Takashi Yano
  • [Cover] Natsume Yuujinchou
    Natsume Yuujinchou
    A collection of short stories set in the Natsume Yuujinchou manga universe. Volume 1: 1. The Mysterious Story of Lamp Hall 2. The Ayakashi’s Tune 3. The Ayakashi’s Dream Road Volume 2: Kogitsune no Tabi (子狐のたび)
    Murai Sadayuki
  • [Cover] Necromancers Guide to Magic
    Necromancers Guide t...
    This is the story of a Necromancer who was cast into the world of Harry Potter. Taking over the body of a 11 year old first entering into Hogwarts. Authors Description “Give me a body, I can pay you a, ah, bone dragon.”
  • [Cover] NEET Receives a Dating Sim Game Leveling System
    NEET Receives a Dati...

    A 30-year-old NEET is reincarnated into the body of an otaku that choked to death on instant noodles. As he comes to grips with his new life, he realizes that this world is subtly different from Earth. The denizens of this world are far better looking, and this new world also possesses futuristic technology as well as mysterious Yin Yang masters!

    After reincarnating, he realized that he was endowed with a miraculous game-like system, which enables him to increase his own stats and transcend the limits of the human body. This system even has a game-breaking ability to save and load in real life!

    In this new world that’s akin to a 2-D game, he just wants enjoy life and head for a glorious future… However, he is quickly embroiled in a complex plot. Can he unlock his true potential and utilize his system to break the shackles that confine him and discover the truth about his previous body’s circumstances?

    Idle Fish Goes Ashor...
  • [Cover] Nejimaki Seirei Senki – Tenkyou no Alderamin
    Nejimaki Seirei Senk...
    The Katjvarna Empire, in a state of war with the adjacent Kioka Republic. In that region, due to certain circumstances, there was a certain youth unwillingly preparing to take the High Grade Military Officer Exam. His name, Ikta. Disliker of war, lazy, admirer of women. No one predicted that that kind of Ikta would later on become a soldier referred to even as a great commander… Ikta, the one who survived a world embroiled in war with his superior genius. The curtain is raised at last on a splendid fantasy military history illustrating his stormy, dramatic life!
    UNO Bokuto
  • [Cover] Neta Chara
    Neta Chara
    1.34 million user with Horikawa Kento, a 35 years old man was transported into a different world with online game skills. His character is a 15 years old boy with absurd skill. [handsome], [well protected], [womanizer], [sexual prodigy]. In order to survive in this world of monsters, how will he use his skills?
    Parent Rows Calyx
  • [Cover] Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta?
    Netoge no Yome wa On...
    Our naive protagonist proposed to a female character in an online game, only to find out that this player is actually a guy. Traumatized by that, he decided to never trust a girl online, but now, two years later, a female player is proposing to him. What will happen?
    Kineko Shibai
  • [Cover] Netooku Otoko no Tanoshii Isekai Boueki
    Netooku Otoko no Tan...
    Ayase Jirou, is someone who makes a living by net auctioning things he purchased from people who don’t need them anymore, in other words, a Picker. One day he found a large antique mirror from an old bag’s cellar which was given to him for free. That mirror is actually a portal to another world, allowing him to go back and forth between worlds, much like Kakedashi Programmer. In no time he found an exploit that by selling things from modern world to the other world and vice versa he could get filthy rich in no time at all!
  • [Cover] Netooku Otoko no Tanoshii Isekai Boueki (LN)
    Netooku Otoko no Tan...

    Ayase Jirou, is someone who makes a living by net auctioning things he purchased from people who don’t need them anymore, in other words, a Picker. One day he found a large antique mirror from an old bag’s cellar which was given to him for free. That mirror is actually a portal to another world, allowing him to go back and forth between worlds, much like Kakedashi Programmer. In no time he found an exploit that by selling things from modern world to the other world and vice versa he could get filthy rich in no time at all!

    Kon Hoshizaki,星崎崑
  • [Cover] Netorare Pilgrimage of the Saint
    Netorare Pilgrimage...

    NTR to protect peace.

    To this end, during a certain ceremony, the lover Tsubaki is ordered to be a sex slave of the Demon Lord’s Army. Her mission would send her on a pilgrim to devote her body to each official of the army.

    Initially, the protagonists Trelle and Tsubaki want to resist, but after cuckolding and being cuckolded, they learned the pleasant feeling of being deprived of their lover.

    As they journey, their hearts and bodies change, loving each other even as they succumb to the Netorare play.

    Ouki Yuzuki,大木柚木
  • [Cover] Never Marry a Man With Two Tintins
    Never Marry a Man Wi...

    This is the story of a person who transmigrated into a world with a radically different worldview.

    So different, in fact, that he is considered a female in that world!

    Cheng Nuo: What? Why did you say that I’m female?

    Author: You only have one Tintin. The males of this world have two Tintins.

    Cheng Nuo: No way! My hands are itchy… I want to cut one off!

    Sha Xiao Wan,杀小丸
  • [Cover] New Game Plus! ~The Struggles of a Popular VRMMO Livestreamer~
    New Game Plus! ~The...
    A popular Sword and Magics VRMMO that countless livestreamer play, 「Dragon’s Krone」. Of the many streamers, The No. 1 Most Viewed Player, Edogawa Ran, is so popular that he is even sponsored by a major corporation. But in real life, Ran had Zero friends; a lonely highschool boy who had trouble talking to people. Then, on a day like any other, as Ran was spending his lunch break bitterly alone, someone approached him. The girl who he adored, Ninomiya Suzu, casually walked up and said the words. 「Would you, like to play Dragon’s Krone together?」 Using a LV 1 Character, with his previous knowledge and techniques, he is unmatched in this virtual reality world. The Struggles (in order to become a Riajuu) of a Certain Livestreamer.
  • [Cover] Next Life
    Next Life
    Yamada Takashi lost his life in the snowy mountains — that is what he thought, but he then appeared in an unknown place; another world that looked like the game he played. Moreover there are many things that he doesn’t know…. While puzzled, he still retains the strongest class ability and is relieved. High rank magician, [Wise man] Marius is still living till today.
    Aino Hitoshi
  • [Cover] NHK ni Youkoso!
    NHK ni Youkoso!
    Welcome to the N.H.K. revolves around the lives of several young-adults all living in or around the city of Tokyo. Many different lifestyles are shown though most of the time the story focuses on the concepts of being a hikikomori, anime otaku, and having most of the characters experience intense feelings of depression and loneliness.
    Takimoto Tatsuhiko
  • [Cover] Nicococo!!
    This is a four-part Durarara!! series made for Niconico and the 10th anniversary of Durarara!! and 20th anniversary of Dengeki Bunko. They take place after Vol. 13’s events. There are spoilers for the end of the novels. This series also serves as a prequel to Durarara!!SH.
    Narita Ryohgo
  • [Cover] Nidome no Yuusha
    Nidome no Yuusha
    Ukei Kaito, the protagonist who desperately saved the world after being summoned in another world as a hero to defeat the Demon Lord. Though he did defeat the demon lord and saved the world, but he was betrayed by the people he trusted as friends and is stabbed to death by a sword. At that time, he swore. If there is a next time, he would no longer cling to the word called ‘believe’. If there is a next time, he would pay them back as cruelly as possible. If there is a next time, he wouldn’t make another mistake. 「I… All of you… I will absolutely kill you all……」 After leaving his last words, he died. And then a voice resounded. 【System Message: Tutorial Mode has ended. 】
  • [Cover] Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de
    Nidoume no Jinsei wo...
    Suddenly, i was informed by a girl that proclaimed herself as God. “Kunugi Renya-san, you have died” (God).This is, a tale which started when our protagonist died on his previous life, sent by a girl which seems to be god, to lead a second life in a different world.
  • [Cover] Night Ranger
    Night Ranger

    Epic player Maven crossed over to the eve of The Cataclysm.

    This is the fourth age, The gods teamed-up and destroyed the Cosmic Magic Pool, The fourth Table of Fate started to gestate in the mortal realm.

    Gods, demons, epics, devils, liches, dragons and other legendary beings appeared one after another.

    To protect what he holds dear, Maven had no choice but to step back into the shadows.

    This is the story of a young ranger in an age of turmoil becoming the Ruler of the Night

    Dark Blue Coconut Mi...