... The more you force people to do something the more they will refuse. Aramiya Seiichi (Chuuko demo Koi ga Shitai!, Vol. 2 Ch. 2).
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  • [Cover] I Aim to Be an Adventurer with the Jobclass of “Jobless”
    I Aim to Be an Adven...
    Without a goal, a boy named Mars Ruina, who spent everyday lazing away, saves a girl named Laina from the attack of a monster.—–Defeating the monster in an instant, she witnessed Mars’ true power, and inquires which Adventurer’s Guild this must-be famous adventurer is from. However, the truth is Mars’ Job Class is simply “Jobless”.—The, Laina invites Mars to train to be an adventurer under her tutelage.—Although having a job class of “Jobless”, this exceedingly strong boy somehow or the other aims to become an adventurer. Before he realizes it, he has already formed a harem on the road of his expedient success story.
  • [Cover] I Am A Killer
    I Am A Killer
    This story is about a female assassin from ancient times who became a part of the modern military special forces. Mou Wa: I would like everyone to each take turns describing our Qin Xuan. A: Amazing martial arts, is a “bull” loli. B: Her face is always expressionless, she is like an ice crystal. C: 10 out of 10, a reliable comrade. D: She kills without blinking, a demon reincarnated. Qin Xuan: Me? I am a killer! ABCD: …
  • [Cover] I Am My Wife
    I Am My Wife

    Going back in time, Qiu Yi turned into a girl, but in this space-time, there is still a male existence of him… [Am I me? Who exactly am I?] When your female self meets your male self, what kind of sparks will appear? Everything is in “I am My Wife”.

  • [Cover] I Am Not The Wangfei
    I Am Not The Wangfei

    I, Xu Duo Qian, the owner of this ugly name never expects to encounter something like time-travelling.

    “I am not wangfei. I am not wangfei.. I am not—–“ my throat has gone dry from saying that.

    But the cold-faced person in front didn’t even react. Perhaps he’s deaf?

    What is this craziness?

    Why must I torture myself everyday and face this icy + crazy (the word ‘handsome’ is omitted) thing?

    Ah! The ancient times is really rich of handsome men. I must live up this opportunity! Just look at how I, Xu Duo Qian, will play in this era!

  • [Cover] I Am Supreme
    I Am Supreme

    I am Supreme

    Spread or announce my might in the world,

    I am the Supreme

    Medicinal material is poison if it cannot cure; a man who does not become a god will perish as ashes


    Heavenly order has flaws, humanly world has injustice

    Cast aside romance, for evils prevail

    Misery brings forth kindness, rage won’t lead to disputes

    Beyond principles and rules, let me carry out the execution

    Spread my might in the world, slaughter injustice of the world

    Blade in hand, passion in heart;

    Passing judgement for life or death, sentenced by heroes with the blade,

    Staring at the world with cold eyes, I have no regrets in my life


    Yun Yang is the central figure of the Nine Supremes of Yutang, heroes of the world. When the Nine supremes were ambushed and killed at Tianxuan Cliff, Yun Yang was the only one to escape the massacre albeit with heavy internal injuries. Watch as he takes revenge for his brothers against all those involved.

    Fengling Tianxia,风...
  • [Cover] I am the Monarch
    I am the Monarch
    A career spearman dies on the battlefield full of regrets. He is mentally sent back in time when he was just a recruit. This time he will make all the right choices and become a monarch!
  • [Cover] I am the Newly Born Woman of Around Thirty
    I am the Newly Born...
    Tiariela Norfolk realized that this world was inside the peach-colored ero ero harem story that topped the charts from her past life. Cute like a small animal, the protagonist joins hands with ikemen of superior quality, and it was a story chock full of age 18 restricted scenes. Since she was a side character, Tiariela welcomed the ero-oyaji inside of her and planned to peek in frequently. Due to Tiariela’s behavior, the story begins to go amiss… “I didn’t mean it this way! I just thought that I should study and observe the ecchi scenes (stealthily from nearby) for future reference!”
  • [Cover] I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game
    I Appear to have bee...
    I was reincarnated into a horrifying world. That is…The world of the otome game “I’ll Risk Everything for You”. In that world I was reincarnated as the hidden love interest character, and decided to never involve myself with the Heroine. My head gets all screwed up whenever I’m around them. This is a love story of the main character who reincarnated into a love interest and the young woman who served as the villain.
  • [Cover] I Awoke to Find I Was the Girl Swordsman That Protects My Cousin
    I Awoke to Find I Wa...
    This is the first of a three-novel series with two spin-off novels. The title describes the basic premise well enough: It’s about a boy who suddenly discovers he transforms into a girl whenever his female cousin in danger.
  • [Cover] I Became a Hero in a Pandemic
    I Became a Hero in a...
    Isolated temporary from society thanks to the flu, when I noticed it was already too late. The human race it had been defeated —- by a zombie virus.
  • [Cover] I Became an In-game NPC
    I Became an In-game...

    21st century kid got onto a virtual game 600 years into the future, with a freak combination of events gets to play as a NPC!

    The first system job is to undertake the roles of helping new players create their character. Want to choose as one of the hidden race? OK, this is a slavery contract, up to you to sign it or not!

    Entering the game as a player and creating a personal game character, the only advantage I have… The choice of selecting a powerful race!

    Walking alone to the peak, bringing the present world to advance by leaps and bounds, the abnormal path starts from this first step!

  • [Cover] I Became the Demon Lord and my Territory is an Uninhabited Island
    I Became the Demon L...

    Our protagonist Caam(?) is a man from Earth that was reincarnated into this world as a demon. In order to survive, he spared no effort in avoiding the sparks of battle and without noticing it, he became strong himself.
    Then, one day a demon that is stronger than himself suddenly appeared in front of his eyes. The demon said「You seem quite strong, aren’t you? Don’t you think someone that strong should become a Demon Lord?」. He tried to negotiate but, there was no right to refuse.

    Hirunesuru Bourei,昼...
  • [Cover] I Became the Demon Lord so I Created a Dungeon and Spend Heartwarming Time There with Non-Human Girls
    I Became the Demon L...

    Before I realized, I had become the guardian of a dungeon, a Demon Lord. I was suddenly in a dangerous world with giant monsters loitering around, fighting for their existence, so I thought to go about developing the dungeon in order to not die but —- for some reason I was having quite the good time…. How did it turn out like this?

    The protagonist, Yuki, having to live in that world now, uses his bold and sharp senses and spends time with a supreme dragon girl and a vampire girl; Sometimes laughing, sometimes being angry, passing days doing what he likes.

  • [Cover] I Became the Hero’s Bride!
    I Became the Hero’s...

    There was once a hero.

    Unique black hair. Excellent eyes. Contrary to his delicate features, he who had abnormal strength was called the Otherworldy Hero.

    At the hero’s long adventure (up to the point where his wooden sword that had been kindly granted to him by the king was replaced by the holy sword blessed by the holy maiden) he saved the prince that had been kidnapped by the demon king, and so the kingdom was swept by worry.

    The hero’s strength that could fell the demon king was deemed too dangerous to leave unrestrained.

    One advisor spoke up. Why not marry him to royalty?

    The king thought that was a viable option. Family, to an alien from another world would be the best of chains. There was one problem. The king was abundantly blessed with sons and had princes galore, but not a single daughter.

    Ho, and it wasn’t like I could marry off two boys.

    At a burst of inspiration the king slapped his knee.

    That was it!

    You just had to turn a prince into a princess!

    And so the hero ended up in a position to be marrying a man.

    This story, is a tale of the aforementioned otherworldly hero, and his bride, the former-prince-now-princess and their ridiculously hilarious marriage.

  • [Cover] I became the Villainess’s Brother
    I became the Villain...

    Having wandered the borders of life and death because my younger sister lost control of her magic, I remembered that this world was the otome game 「Sparkle like a Jewel」. And I, Langlease Jackberry, am the villainess’ brother.

    I want to evade the destiny of destruction that I remembered. I’ll watch over my cute younger sister so that she’ll become an ordinary girl instead of a villainess, and at the very least avert her death if ruin so unluckily falls.

    The BAD END routes for the villainess are split into three general types.

    1) Destruction Route

    As a villainess, my sister brought about the Prince’s displeasure when incidents of her bullying the Heroine came to light.

    With his impropriety exposed and his peerage revoked, Father was exiled out of the country.

    2) Suicide Route

    My sister, who had truly loved the Prince, shocked that the Prince had announced the cancellation of their engagement at the party, committed suicide.

    In this route, it is only my sister that dies, and my family and I are not condemned.

    3) Jewel Route

    The END that could be said to be the centerpiece of the game. My sister, having displeased the Prince, was sentenced to be turned to a jewel with magic. She had been turned into a jewel the same color as her eyes. She was shattered to pieces in front of everyone. With pink jewels dancing in the midst, the still of the smiling Prince and Heroine was beautiful.

    However, it was my sister’s life that was smashed.

    I will absolutely never permit that kind of future for her.

    Presently, perhaps owing to her young age, her personality did not resemble in the slightest that of the template domineering, ill-tempered villainess in the game.

    She was kind and with a deep compassion, to the point where she was loved completely by the servants. Naturally I also thought of her as someone precious.

    Though I want to avoid the BAD END completely, I’ll work so that I can avoid at the worst the second and third routes where my sister dies and provide a viable lifestyle even after ruin.

    To continue living with my sister and my family.

    Shimozuki Rei,霜月零
  • [Cover] I Bought a Girl
    I Bought a Girl
    One day, I was lucky with the lottery and became a winner. With my winnings, I bought a girl. Author note: I will do my best to update every day. Chronon note: This novel is not what you think.
  • [Cover] I Came From The Mortal World
    I Came From The Mort...
    Our protagonist, Xu Yi, is born with a silver spoon in his mouth, able to live a happy and worriless life. However, he wasn’t able to enjoy this life for long, as the revenge of his family’s enemies quickly caught up to him.The enemies are much more powerful than Xu Yi; therefore, he has no choice but to be obedient. However, forbearance is not always a good policy. The enemies take advantage of his passiveness and bully him even more. These little sparks of anger have finally become an uncontrollable fury for Xu Yi, compelling him to seek revenge. In this immortal world, where power is everything, our protagonist will have no one to count on but himself! Will he overcome all the hardships in front of him, or will this turn out to be an impossible challenge? Follow the tale of Xu Yi, as he overcomes the misfortune that his family is caught up in, and fights his way up to become a legendary warrior in ‘I Came From The Mortal World’.
  • [Cover] I Can Speak with Animals and Demons
    I Can Speak with Ani...
    Wato Akira was sent to another world due to a foreigners anger. He hit his head and unfortunately died. [Why?] Sadly, the foreigner misunderstood the word’s of encouragement [F I G H T!] as a sign of aggression, what a regrettable way to die…. The goddess of creation took pity on him and allowed him to reincarnate in another world.
  • [Cover] I Can Turn into a Fish
    I Can Turn into a Fi...

    A chance to change, to challenge destiny, making dreams a reality, and live a legend! A regular man gains a system that allows him to turn into a fish!

    Little Fish Eats Dra...
  • [Cover] I Decided to Not Compete and Quietly Create Dolls Instead
    I Decided to Not Com...
    Apparently, this looks like the fantasy world from the Otome game that I used to play in my previous life. “Me”, Altrea, is the lively rival character who challenged the heroine again and again until she/I received painful backlashes. Like only chasing to have the engagement cancelled in the Magic Academy, even breaking and taking over the Duke’s house. For all these eventful stuff, please just give me a break ! Or should I say the heart of the game’s heroine is too scarily impregnable ! Living differently with the game’s knowledge? Dating the love interests in real life is super troublesome, so I refuse ! And so my main priority is to definitely not get involved. I will absolutely not go to that academy. I will to go to a different country. Living as a Magic Doll Master in a new land is the best way to live. Eh- The Mystic-eyed Doll Princess? Queen Mage of the Netherworld? Even though I seriously tried my best, I have changed class into the last boss. Why !? Wait a second, It’s a misunderstanding, Stop, forgive me–.
  • [Cover] I Don’t Like The World, I Only Like You
    I Don’t Like The Wor...
    The night before we obtained our marriage certificate, I asked him, “When did you start to develop feelings for me?” He answered, “I don’t remember.” “But, why me?” “Why not you?” “I’m very petty, and I get jealous very easily.” “So am I.” “I’m afraid I’m not worthy of you.” “So am I.” “I haven’t really dated, so I don’t know what love is.” “I don’t know either.” He held my hand gently, “But I know this. When I think about spending the rest of my life with you, I feel that my future is filled with hope.” At 16, we used the same class desk, with less than 10cm between our arms. My peripheral vision was full of him. At 26, I woke up in the morning, and saw the sunlight softly shining on his face. I thought, this is how I want to grow old – gradually, together, with him. I guess this must be love.
    Qiao Yi
  • [Cover] I Don’t Want to Die in an Otome Game
    I Don’t Want to Die...
    Part 1: Audrey remembers on her 16th birthday that she has reincarnated into the world of an otome game. She knows she will enter the death route if she does not lose her virginity and somehow has to decide which capture target she has to do H things with; though the guard, Calfan, tries to instruct her how to sneak around to do nightly activities. It’s a sweet sweet love. Part 2: At 5 years old, Flora, the heroine of an otome game, knows that the days of embarrassment await. She thought that in order to get away somehow, she must acquire the power to fight back against the embarrassing ikemen. It’s a rom-com with a ruthless S butler.
  • [Cover] I Ended up as the Hero’s Mother After Reincarnating?!
    I Ended up as the He...
    The second daughter of a noble, Ria was taken away on her 11th birthday by the King who fell in love with her at first sight. From then on, she had to accompany the King both in the day and at night and resulted in her pregnancy. The Queen became jealous and had her chased out of the castle. Left without a choice, she had to raise the child on her own, the child who later became the Hero. However, she has a rather strange secret and that is…
  • [Cover] I Got Reincarnated And Mistaken As A Genius?
    I Got Reincarnated A...
    Arakawa Kouki is reincarnated to a Japan with a different history than the Japan he knows, with the memories of his previous life still intact. Kouki was discouraged, “Ain’t reincarnation stories supposed to be at some fantasy world filled with swords, magic and elves?!” But one day, his random scribbles leads (his mom) to the discovery of a certain formula, which as a result, leads him to be mistaken as a genius by the entire world. For that achievement he is sent to the school of prodigies, the State Technology Academy, where he meets the Canadian girl Alice and the robot engineering genius Shingo. And even at such a place, he is still mistaken as a genius?! Every time Kouki shows his knowledge from his previous life, he is mistaken as a genius, and everywhere he goes irregularity follows. This is the comedic life of a genius reincarnation loaded with misunderstandings.