Smile is the ultimate weapon for making the world peaceful. Karl Gustav von Grosse (Help! Gooogle-sensei!!, Vol. 2 Ch. 1).
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  • [Cover] Illusion

    The Saint: “Bro Yi, Can you make me your servant?

    Yi Feng: “What? A Saint like you wants to become my servant. Do you have any shame?

    The Saint: “My sister is very beautiful”

    Yi Feng (His eyes is glowing): Little Saint, you can follow me from now. All right, remember to tell your sister to come!

    The King: “Yi Feng! Your bastard, what are you doing?

    Yi Feng: My bad! My bad! My king, I just want to stroll in this harem a little bit. Who knows those girls have been following me like that?

    The Innocent Guy,纯...
  • [Cover] Yang God
    Yang God

    The world is a sea of bitterness.

    The mortal swims in the sea.

    The body is the vessel.

    The soul is the mortal on the vessel.

    The vessel carries the mortal as it sails endlessly towards the other side of the sea.

    Does cultivating the body strengthen the vessel enough to reach the other side of this sea of misery?

    Or does cultivating the soul give the mortal on the vessel the ability to master swimming?

    Cultivating according to the martial path allows one to become an Earthly Immortal.

    Cultivating according to the immortal path allows one to become a Divine Immortal.

    Which path should be chosen?

    Ecstatic Dream Machi...
  • [Cover] Father, Mother Escaped Again
    Father, Mother Escap...

    Xia Yuqing is a shut-in+fujoshi from the 21st century. After an accident, she transmigrates into the body of a young princess forced into a political marriage to another country.

    Editor’s Synopsis:

    “W-where is all this blood coming from? Is this– Is this nose blood? AH, YOUR HIGHNESS! A-are you alright? What? No! You mustn’t! Princess Xia, please, come back!”

    “… I… need… to… see…”

    The aide could only helplessly look on as Princess Xia Yuqing crawled towards the prince’s quarters, leaving a trail of blood in her wake.

    Fujoshi: a term for a woman who enjoys reading about relationships between men.

    Tu Mi Lei,荼靡泪
  • [Cover] Wang Ye Captures His Wife
    Wang Ye Captures His...

    Jade Hunter? The man which many women want to meet? If she really was a girl, then if she were to dress in a female attire… wouldn’t she look beautiful and refine? She is his fiancee? Could it be that she disguised herself as a man to avoid marriage? She would rather go catch thieves and hunt for bandits than to marry this wangye?

    No, he will not let this happen! She is bound to be his!

    For the arrest of a bandit, she became the hostage and jumped off a cliff? Dead?

    …Nonsense! He does not believe! She is destined to become his wife, and he will find her…

    Found her!

    Although she repeatedly denied and repeatedly avoided him, he will find a way to let her fall in love with him!

    Tang Yin,唐茵
  • [Cover] Immortal’s Farmland
    Immortal’s Farmland

    Author Synopsis:


    Did I transmigrate to another world? Am I a butterfly?

    Oh god! This is too much!

    Ehhh? Becoming an Immortal? In this chaotic and competitive world? A world filled with many handsome boys?

    Haha, at least I have a celestial farmland inside me! Yes, I will just look for more seeds to plant more celestial plants.

    Translator Synopsis:


    The story is set in a fantasized dimension where people have the urge to become Immortals through various training of celestial martial arts.

    Qian Qian wakes up and realizes that she has transmigrated to a completely different world, where she is no longer a human, but instead, a Butterfly!

    Her journey to becoming a powerful Immortal becomes smoother with the celestial farmland inside her!

    The story takes on a similar genre to the popular drama like “Journey of a Flower” and “Eternal Love”.

    Let us begin our journey into the Xianxia World!

    Thounsand Years Of S...
  • [Cover] Official Savior
    Official Savior

    Arriving in a xianxia world for multi-level marketing; online gaming to sell fake drugs; roaming a Power City, moving to and fro on the brink of death; and visiting the mysterious western continent to be a ‘black’ guide. I am not a scammer, I am the savior of the world!

  • [Cover] Sir, I Can’t Actually Read My Status
    Sir, I Can’t Actuall...

    Status. That was the magic display in which you would understand with a single glance, the talents bestowed upon you by god. Your skills and stats.

    In such a world which heavily values such a display, our protagonist Raigh, is the only one with a display, that not even he, nor anyone else was able to understand.

    Raigh, unknown to the skills and stats that he holds, was scorned by his surroundings at a young age, unable to find an honest job, and was living out his hopeless days as a bottom-of-the-barrel adventurer. Nevertheless, he was trying his utmost in order to fulfill his dreams, and had gotten his hands on a ridiculous power without even noticing it.

  • [Cover] Noire de Plaisir ~ Pleasure Training of the Fallen Vampire Princess~
    Noire de Plaisir ~ P...

    When Eiji, an ordinary university student, woke up in the dead of the night due to suddenly feeling a weight on his body, the scene of a young, peerless beauty possessing jet-black hair straddling onto him came to his view.

    「Your blood, I’ll be taking it.」… Announcing thus, that young girl’s sharp fangs bit into Eiji’s nape.

    Eiji, who had closed his eyes from fear, felt a stinging pain from his nape; he thought that this was the end, so he resolved himself for the incoming death.

    But after some time passed, he became suspicious of the never-coming death, so he opened his eyes only to see the appearance of a fainted young girl whose private place was gushing out nectar fluids.

    Well, what will you do in this kind of situation?

    There’s no need to even ask. It’s a man’s shame to not eat what is offered to him.

    A modern erotic fantasy about a youth in possession of 100,000 times the magical power within his blood in comparison to an ordinary person, and a vampire princess who craves magic power. Follow as the youth gives ‘special’ training to the vampire princess as she gets accustomed to his overabundant magic power and the pleasure it brings.

    Nahato Ren,那羽都レ...
  • [Cover] Acquiring Talent in a Dungeon
    Acquiring Talent in...

    Talent, appearance, power.

    No matter how hard I try, I can’t beat the people born with these things.

    But, within this dungeon, I can overcome them.

  • [Cover] Empire in Progress
    Empire in Progress

    Regardless of what country

    Each country had to fight for the right to exist

    Let us together to experience that unprecedented war

    Let us revisit the greatest war in human history, the Second World War .

  • [Cover] Sukebe de Kichiku na Shishou to Sunao de Juujun de Bishoujo na Deshi
    Sukebe de Kichiku na...

    The swordsman who became the strongest with impure motive. People called him “sword saint”. With impure motive, the sword saint who secluded himself on a mountain planned to make a young, beautiful girl who wanted to become his disciple into a meat onahole (sex sleeve). She was a poor and beautiful girl but it was the beginning of the girl’s dominative. This is the story of the sword saint’s disciple who climbs to become the strongest while receiving ecchi treatment.

  • [Cover] One Sweet Life
    One Sweet Life

    An Yin Zhu is a bamboo wolf, waiting years to bed his childhood sweetheart, Gu Tian Tian.

    Bo Han Qing Yi Tou,...