No matter how cute the clothes are, if they don't match the person wearing it, it won't be attractive. Taishido Yoichi (Omae wo Onii-chan ni Shite Yarouka!?, Vol. 1 Ch. 8).
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  • [Cover] AFGITMOLFM Part I: Euphoria
    AFGITMOLFM Part I: E...

    Sugar, spice and everything nice, add some silliness, craziness and laugh trip; this explain the corny love of Ianne at Nate. The only thing missing in their importunate love story is the sentence, “…and they lived happily ever after.” But there’s hidden secret in their “fairy tale” relationship.

    Love. Selfishness.

    Surprise. Mistake.

    How would this four words change their life? And who’s this emotionless guy and why does it look like his straight face steals every joyful memories in this world?

    At first I thought, love is undefined.

    In the end…

    it’s AFGITMOLFM.

  • [Cover] Kapitan Sino
    Kapitan Sino

    There’s something strange in the neighborhood.

    The police once again are beaten to the chase for a jewelry shop hold-upper. And before that, someone has also caught a carnapper; saved a man atop a burning building; saved a baby held hostage by his father; helped an elderly cross the street; tipped off members of a Breaking and Entering gang; saved a family caught in a flood; landed a Boeing 747 with a broken engine; and exploded a giant robot. But who is this man? Will he be able to save Aling Baby? And just what soaps are celebrities using?

    Note: Aling- Aunt->Aling Baby- Aunt Baby

    Carnapper- Filipino term for carjacker, same as kidnapper but only it’s car

    Hold-Upper- Filipino term to an open robbery or thief to a person. It’s used when the person threatens someone, sometimes using knife or gun, in his knowledge to to give him some valuables.

    Bob Ong