If you are conscious of the fact that you cannot believe anyone in the world, then you won’t have to worry about getting backstabbed Yu Ilhan (Everyone Else is a Returnee, Ch. 93).
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  • [Cover] The Reaper King
    The Reaper King
    A boy who managed to attain the eyes of fate through a deal with the Demon King, Gongson Chun Gi. But the deal came with a heavy cost. Gongs Chun Gi’s resistance against his unfair fate. The king of the dead, the Reaper King, descends into the martial world!
  • [Cover] The Records of Exorcism
  • [Cover] The Skill Maker
    The Skill Maker
    Trying to earn a living everyday kept Hyeon Su busy. However, one day when he was doing a side job of threading beads, he realized something. -Ding! [Bead threading skill has been created] The truth was that he was the Skill Maker.
  • [Cover] The Taming Master
    The Taming Master
    The world’s largest scale virtual reality game, ‘Kailran’. A well-known gamer in the virtual reality game community, Ian. He deleted his lv 93 character to obtain a hidden class… but the class he chose was the most useless class in Kailran, the summoner? On top of that, a call from his professor leads to a mental breakdown! To avoid academic probation, he must level up the same level as his deleted character in two months!
  • [Cover] The Tutorial Is Too Hard
    The Tutorial Is Too...
    On a normal boring day. A message appears, inviting him to a Tutorial. A tale about Lee Ho Jae and his escape from Tutorial. Who just happened to choose the hardest possible difficulty, Hell.
  • [Cover] Top Management
    Top Management
    No one could see what was lying ahead in the entertainment world. However, on the first day he stepped into this world, he started to see the future. Myoniyoni Synopsis: Jung Sunwoo was an average man. He had just taken a first job at W&U, a celebrity management company, as a manager. He could finally achieve his dream of being the manager of a world-famous actor or actress. On his way to work, he fell into what appeared to be a lucid dream about his future. As he went on with his day, he realized it may not have simply been a lucid dream.
  • [Cover] When God Made Me
    When God Made Me
    I’m a loser. The lowest of the low. Am I a bullied delivery boy? No, they refuse to send me on errands because my ugliness is contagious. But now things are different. I’ve become as handsome as the devil.
  • [Cover] White Wolves
    White Wolves
    Having only the talent of being a smooth talker, Cassel coincidentally has Arantia’s health in his hands. Will his smooth talk be able to get him out of trouble this time? Who are the veiled Dark Knights? Will Cassel actually become a hero by deceiving the who country as a whole? The unpredictable adventures of the fraud smooth talking knight begin!
  • [Cover] Yeho
    Yeho is a distant relative to a king in a small kingdom. Even though he is a distant relative, his house was very poor, and his mother was addicted to gambling. One day North Empire asked for Princess Sooyoung to be a concubine of an old Emperor because she was known for her beauty. But the king really loved his daughter so instead he ordered Yeho’s older sister to disguise as Princess Sooyoung and marry the old Emperor. Yeho told his sister to run away with her lover, and his sister had to leave her younger brother alone with his mother. After she ran away, Yeho asked his mother to give the things back to the king that she got for trying to sell her daughter, but his mother already used the gifts to pay off her gambling debt. He was trying to give the gifts back to the king to take away his order, but now he can’t do that anymore. He tells his mother to run away, and he disguises as his sister to go to North Empire. After he got there, he was trying to tell the Emperor the truth and take away his life, but the Emperor went out for few days to look around his empire. When the emperor came back, he wasn’t as old as he thought.
  • [Cover] Zui Xing Mai Shen
    Zui Xing Mai Shen
  • [Cover] The Wizard of Arcenia
    The Wizard of Arceni...

    An average high schooler Gyul Lee, gets summoned on to the continent of Arcenia by the magic of Rayered, the Red Dragon. To return to his boring but ‘normal’ life, he will have to gather all pieces of the shattered Dragon Heart……. The adventures of your neighbourhood high schooler Gyul Lee and half-elf girl Lucy through the continent of Arcenia to find the Dragon Heart!

    Park Song Ho (박성호...
  • [Cover] The Bird That Drinks Tears
    The Bird That Drinks...

    In a world where four chosen races exist, the world is divided into two. One half is the jungle where the Nagas reside, and the rest is inhabited by the humans, Dokkaebis, and Leckorns. A party of three, consisting of a human, a Dokkaebi, and a Leckorn, infiltrates the territory of the Nagas to rescue a Naga.

    Lee Young-do (이영도...