A human becomes the strongest just before death Yu Ilhan (Everyone Else is a Returnee, Ch. 41).
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  • [Cover] Luna
    Laneige is pretty and smart, but only thing that she is missing is wealth and last name. A commoner like her can’t really get a good education even though she is smart. And people who are not nobles don’t have last names to verify who they are. There is this one academy in the whole country called Royal Academy. They said it’s for the education, but unless you are rich or already have large amount of knowledge, there is no way for a normal commoner to enter this school. Laneige studied her butt off to get out of poverty, and she was able to get into this school, BUT female student spots were filled. The school couldn’t give special treatment to Laneige because then the nobles will uprise and complain to the school. Still the school couldn’t let Laneige go because she had an outstanding grade, so their method was to disguise Laneige as a male and let her stay in the school. When you are a commoner, you can study your butt off to get into the school. But there is still a hierarchy in the school. When commoners enter the school, they are assigned to one child of a noble who is older than them. Those commoners are called Japry. They are to stay and follow the person to “see” and “learn” better and faster. But that’s only an official excuse. Basically Japrys are their personal servants. Laneige becomes the Japry of the country’s most powerful noble’s second son. She was prepared to meet a spoiled brat, but he was little different than she thought….
  • [Cover] M E M O R I Z E
    M E M O R I Z E
    A man who had lost everything. An almighty power, the [Zero Code] held within his hand. “Player Kim Su Hyun, do you truly wish to revert the time of Hall Plain?” “I want to go back 10 years. To that period when I first came here.”
  • [Cover] Main Character Hides His Strength
    Main Character Hides...
    Enemy of the world, cursed by all, Kim Sungchul goes on a quest to prevent the ‘prophecy of the end’ from coming to pass. But no matter how much he raised his strength, there were still some things he could not achieve with physical strength alone. Resolving to obtain the power of magic, he goes into hiding to learn magic from his most hated of enemies, The Mages.
  • [Cover] Mark
    It was just the usual night for Suho, nothing out of the ordinary. On his computer, he was casually surfing the internet until he came across a link for a certain survey. If it was any other day, he wouldn’t have clicked on it, much less completed it, but for some reason this time, he just did. Afterwards, he went to bed, ending the night in just the usual way…but he would end up waking to a whole new world; a place of fantasies, full of magic. He would awake to this new life of his, with a new name: Mark.
    Lee Gyung Hoon
  • [Cover] Master Hunter K
    Master Hunter K
    Without warning, every man, woman, and child were teleported off to fight an endless series of battle ‘to prove the worth of their species with their own power.’ Failure to clear every objective means that humanity shall be purged, or so the Operator claims. But if that is true, why was K sent back in time?
  • [Cover] Max Level Newbie
    Max Level Newbie
    A world where all of the greatest in all dimensions have gathered. Three out of five were the strongest in their world, and one of them was considered the strongest in history. A crazy world where a wandering goblin would be above level 90. Asgard, otherwise known as “Heaven above the heavens.” In a world where all of the monsters of the worlds meet, Vulcan’s new adventure begins.
  • [Cover] Metatron
    South Korea is the biggest victim, yet the protagonist of the whole monster situation. The strongest monsters in the whole world with the highest rating, and the higher level magic stones can all be found in South Korea. In the midst of all the pandemonium, there is a hunter with the powers of the archangel Metatron.
    Park Jae Hoo
  • [Cover] Miracle Drawing!
  • [Cover] Monsieur Park
    Monsieur Park
    Director Park doesn’t have any abilities, and he loves women. Thanks to his connection, he was able to enter the company. He always flirts with the women and always cranky to the male employees. All the female workers hate him. But the funny thing is, he thinks he’s pretty popular among the female employees. On the other hand, there is Assistant Manager Kim who always helps women whenever they are in danger with Director Park. He is tall, handsome, and gentle and every women in the company like him. He always looks at Director Park with an attitude and is annoyed with him. He hates how he was able to get in to the company because of his connection. He thinks of a way to kick Director Park out of the company. Assistant Manager Kim is a multi-player. He can do it with men and women. As he think of a way to kick Director Park out, he’s keep thinking about him and can’t get him off from his head.
  • [Cover] Noblesse S
    Noblesse S
    The novel counter part of popular webcomic
    Son Jae-Ho
  • [Cover] One Man Army
    One Man Army
    Sang Hyuk a man nearing his 40’s was contacted by SKY Telecom to help SKY team in a period of 3 years to become the best team or they’ll be disbanded. After succeeding the contract in time, he was betrayed by SKY Telecom that gave him everything but, now they have decided to take it all away. Somehow he wakes up years in the past as an18 year old man a year before the release of Eternal Light (EL). Armed with knowlegde of events that are yet to come.he embarks on a journey none have dared tread, the only path to there is for his revenge. He is the one-man army.
  • [Cover] Our House Pet
    Our House Pet
    Haein just got fired from her work place because of bankruptcy and got broke up with her boyfriend who just wanted to sleep with her. On her way to her house drunk she hears some animal sound in a dark ally. She sees a box with baby animals abandoned. She sees a bunny, a kitten, and a puppy in the box. She felt bad, so she decided to take them home. When she tried to leave, she sees a man fainted next to the box. She had no choice to take him too. She made him take shower, but he didn’t know how to use the shower faucet. She finds out he was bleeding on his head and freaks out. She wanted to take him to a hospital, but he stops her. She had no choice to treat him in her house. She finds a big amount of money in his pocket in cash. She finds out that he lost his memory because of his head trauma. She gives names to the animals. A puppy is named Yurong, a kitten is named Ahrong, and a bunny is named Herong. She sees this man was looking at her like he wants a name too, so she gives him the name Darong. Shin Hwi is a killer. After his mission, he get hit on his head and collapse next to a box. Next to the box, he thinks he wants to let everything go like the rain fall. He gets found by Haein, and he goes to Haein’s house and gets the name Darong.
    Kang Miju