I wonder why everyone grew to love someone like me… Mochizuki Touya (In a Different World with a Smartphone, Ch. 69).
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  • [Cover] Dawnbringer: The Story of the Machine God
    Dawnbringer: The Sto...
    Vice Admiral Lezirth Dawnbringer, the Commander of Dawn Corps in the First Marines of the Space Federation. He became a war hero after leading the human race to victory with the army of alien life form known as Letix. However, when he awakes from coldsleep, 120 years has passed?! Being re-recruited into the navy in a world far from the ideal peaceful one that he dreamt of, Lezirth is treated as an attention seeker. So eventually, he and his boss, Admiral Luise Maynard that she too was in coldsleep for 120 years, gets assigned to a platoon led by a half Elcro girl. Amongst the great forces of the Federation and Alliance, Lezirth must find his very own Kishin Dawnbringer and charge in to the battlefield!
    HONG Jung-Hoon
  • [Cover] Demon King & Hero
    Demon King & Hero
    “You’re the Demon King?” In response to the woman’s voice filled with murderous intent, the man opened his mouth. “No, I quit that?” ※ Demon King & Hero will show you the absolute limits of chaotic storytelling.
  • [Cover] Dimensional Sovereign
    Dimensional Sovereig...
    One day, I was given the mysterious power of Hwanmong. If I killed a monster in the dream then my level would rise in reality. My home in reality became a base in the dream. A dimensional strategy RPG where reality and dreams are linked! Earn money and become stronger! Now I will dominate the world.
  • [Cover] Doctor of the Demon World
    Doctor of the Demon...
    Since the appearance of the monsters, a strange, new disease spread. Untreatable by existing medicine, a sickness only curable by a skilled person. The people called it the demon’s disease.
  • [Cover] Dragon Maken War
    Dragon Maken War
    220 years ago, in the legendary Dragon Demon War, Hero Azell ended the war by killing the evil Dragon Demon race’s King Atein. He was able to save the population, but as a consequence, he was cursed. While he was dying, the high magician suggested a gamble that might save his life. ‘The Dragon’s hibernation is the only key to saving your life.’ Instead of a human’s sleep, he slept the sleep of the dragons and he was able to overcome the curse. Now he is realizing that he has slept way longer then a human’s life span.
  • [Cover] Dragon Order of Flame
    Dragon Order of Flam...
    After losing everyone dear to him, our main character fails in his revenge and falls in the hands of the mighty Red Dragon. As he fades away and inches closer to death, the chance for a new life arises. As he opens his eyes and awakes from his memories of the past, his life is anew as a solvent which dominates the Red Flames. Born into an amazingly tough body that’s stronger than steel and the ruler of all dragon types, Luke Astal! He is known to everyone as the “Dragon order of Flame”.
    Jae Han Kim
  • [Cover] Dungeon Defense
    Dungeon Defense
    Do you know how this world ends? Become the hero and defeat the 72 Demon Lords. The game that boasted as the absolute hardest strategy game, 『Dungeon Defense』. I used to be the ‘hero’ that had accomplished everything in this game, but after answering a suspicious survey, I found myself in the game as the weakest Demon Lord, 「Dantalian」. With only my eloquent tongue and my memories of conquest as a hero—. In order to survive as Dantalian. I shall tear this world apart.
  • [Cover] Dungeon Hunter
    Dungeon Hunter
    I failed and will challenge again. There is no room for failure in my second life! 72 dungeons and their owners that appeared on earth. And the Awakened. I am a hunter that will devour all of them.
  • [Cover] Dungeon Odyssey
    Dungeon Odyssey
    The descendents of those who grew up sucking the nipples of monsters. Having special abilities and strong body: when they came back humanity called them dungeon babies. Then there is Kim jinwoo who was born in deepest of dugeons. “I never tried to become strong, I just wanted to live.” From the lowest treasure thief to the king of the dugeon, this is where his story spread.
  • [Cover] Eat Then Leave
    Eat Then Leave
    Becoming this world’s strongest person and returning in 30 years. What is this world? The Earth I returned to is in the Era of Raids! However, I’m now tired. I’ve retired and I want live while having a restaurant. In the most “ordinary” way.
  • [Cover] Elqueeness
    He died a human, only to be told his birth was a mistake. He was supposed to be born as the Elqueeness, the Water Spirit King. And now, they will fix that mistake and he will be reborn to his rightful destiny. But wait, there are still many problems concerning this Spirit King who doesn’t know how to do anything!
  • [Cover] Emperor of Solo Play
    Emperor of Solo Play
    Year 2035. The virtual reality game, Warlord, changed the world. An Jaehyun was one of the many who wished to change his life through the game. After dedicating his life to the game, he was met with a betrayal. A betrayal by his comrades. As a result, he lost everything. But a chance was given to him. A chance to redo everything again! “I won’t play with others ever again. Whatever the outcome, I’ll show that I can do it alone.” Others rolled a die to split the spoils of victory. An Jaehyun ate it all by himself. It was the start of An Jaehyun’s solo game life.