We cultivators cultivate, not the body, but the heart! Meng Hao (I Shall Seal the Heavens,).
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  • [Cover] Apocalypse Summoner
    Apocalypse Summoner
    He shall call forth the bone dragon! Summon the lich and the grim reaper! Li Jiayu, the dark summoner, has been reborn and everything returned to the moment before the outbreak of the devastating apocalypse. Spaces tremble violently and dimensional cracks connected to various worlds appear! In an instant, never-seen-before civilizations invade our homeland. Insects the size of humans and walking corpses sweep through Earth in legions. An imminent crisis is approaching humanity and billions of human lives are at risk! In regards to Li Jiayu’s uncorrupted soul, his summons shall no longer be limited to creatures which lurk in the darkness. They will also include the entities that bask in the light. Under the lingering shadow of death, he vows to prevent a repeat of past tragedies! Struggling within the exhausting apocalyptic world, he chooses to trudge on the bloody path of slaughter. Walking hand in hand with death, he no longer lives under the cold embrace of the darkness. He shall embark on the bright path towards glory. ‘This is an opportunity to make a comeback… I will put everything on the line to right the wrongs and to protect the loved ones that were once lost.’
  • [Cover] Arcane Divine Throne
    Arcane Divine Throne
    “Knowledge is power.” “The so-called God, is but merely a little bit stronger Arcanist.” Carrying a bunch of knowledge, Xia Feng crossed over. [aka time-travel]
  • [Cover] Are You Addicted?
    Are You Addicted?
    Some people are like a drug, once you get a taste of it, you are forever addicted.
  • [Cover] Aspirations for Nation and Beauty
    Aspirations for Nati...
    ​A magical continent, with numerous ethnic groups, countries of hegemony. With large numbers of people walking in the present. Being together for too long will lead to separation, while being together for long enough will lead to a connection… For the survival of the nation, For the strength of the country, For the existence of an ideal world… ​In times of trouble, many heroes, practitioners, and mages alike show their skill, and compete to be at the top… The winner still unknown. Watch how one man starts a journey to become a legend.
  • [Cover] Assassin Farmer
    Assassin Farmer
    The heart-warming tale of an embroidery expert from the Republic of China era who had crossed over to another world living an idyllic farming life with a cold and handsome assassin. The most talented seamstress from 1920s era China was sabotaged by jealous family members and sent into a coma. She woke up in a different world, in a different body, in the middle of a jungle. On her journey for survival, she befriends two wolves who becomes her loyal pets and saved the life of an assassin who has been betrayed by those closest to him. They eventually moved out from the wilderness and starts a farm, but a secret awaits both of them…
  • [Cover] Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants
    Assassin Landlord &#...
    The name Zhao Tie Zhu (lit. Zhao Steel Pillar) sounded pretty unrefined. But, when it came to his nickname, Phantom, it could be said that everyone in the assassin societies around the world knew that name. Nowadays, the world was too peaceful, and because of that, the assassination business wasn’t going well. Hearing real estate could earn you good money, Zhao Tie Zhu bought a huge villa, and became the legendary landlord. He only rented his villa to single women. Zhao Tie Zhu posted renting advertisements on a well-known social website, and with that, women all came one after the other to his villa. The prettiest in schools, the prettiest in police teams, and all sorts of beauties came into his surroundings. Proclaiming himself as hegemon of campuses, unifying the underworld. All so that the tenants would live in even more content. I am a very responsible landlord — Said the Zhao Tie Zhu who was stepping on countless skeletons of the enemy.
    Lao Shi
  • [Cover] Assassin Reborn
    Assassin Reborn
    Dancing on the point of a knife, as a dancer in the dark, his dance steps makes the enemy tremble. As a man who is followed by the goddess of fortune, he has been reborn with two years of experience in the game, numerous raid experience, hidden task guide and the best equipment references. The things he once lost, what he didn’t hold and those that had been taken, he is going to get them back.
  • [Cover] Avian Over Gold
    Avian Over Gold
    When a husband and wife quarrels one day after marriage: Lu Yuan Heng crossed his hands over, “I paid for those shoes.” Taking into consideration what he just said and without saying anything, Gu Wei Yi took the shoes off and threw those under his foot. Lu Yuan Heng looked at her, “I bought you that jacket(blouse).” Gu Wei Yi clenched her hand into a fist, took the jacket off and threw that at him. Lu Yuan Heng moved forward a step, “I also bought you those trousers.” Gu Wei Yi pondered for a moment, clenched her teeth and removed her trousers and furiously threw it to his head. After that, Lu Yuan Heng laughed, “I also paid for that bra.” In a flash, Gu Wei Yi’s anger flared. She turned to leave but he hugged her from behind, blocking her from leaving, ‘You are already my person. Where do you think you’re going?” This is a warm love story between a naive woman and a formidable man as they live together after willingly jumping into marriage.
    JiuQing Jun
  • [Cover] Awakening
    A martial art expert from the Song dynasty lives like a Phoenix that can live again in another body after death. This time, he happened to take over the body of a Japanese high schooler who is also a victim of bullying and has a bit complicated family circumstances.
  • [Cover] Ba Ai Mou Qing
    Ba Ai Mou Qing
    Ji Qing held a crush for Jin Cheng for 10 years, but after only 1 year of married life, she felt that she couldn’t go on anymore. After their divorce did Jin Cheng realize how much she meant to him, what will he do to win her back?
    Xin Xin Xiang Rong...
  • [Cover] Back to the Apocalypse
    Back to the Apocalyp...
    It’s the beginning of the Apocalypse, zombies run rampant over the Earth. Bai Jing jumped back through time using a hidden dimension. A lousy man becomes a loyal lover. Hidden dimension, check. Harvest, check. Golden finger, check. Afterwards, I’m not good at introductions, so please forgive me. Warning: This isn’t real. If you don’t like it, please leave now.
  • [Cover] Ballad of the Desert
    Ballad of the Desert
    Yu Jin is an orphan, who was raised by wolves in the desert. She happened to meet a man of Han living with a Xiongnu tribe who takes her back to his camp due to her saving his life from thirst. She soon becomes friends with Xiongnu’s children. One year later, due to political changes, her foster father is killed. His only wish was for her to return to his hometown of Chang’an, in the Han Dynasty while hers is to live with the wolves for she has lost the one who she relied on. While going on life’s journey she met two men on the way hereby starting her story which will span years with so much colorful and stunning trials and tribulations
    Tong Hua